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By: on April 05, 2013
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The Paper Shooter snipers at Bang Creations know that when it comes to pastimes, nothing beats blasting things up to 75 feet. Particularly when the outcome of doing so averts death, injury, and getting yelled at by your mom*. Their Paper Shooter assault rifles, sold as fully stocked kits ready for assembly, fire projectiles in the form of densely compacted former trees just like the real thing. Right down to loading and locking magazines and jolting you backwards such that you trip over the dog upon trigger release. Or maybe you trip because you're clumsy.

Bang Creations reiterates that its Paper Shooters are far more construction kits than toys--putting them together requires savvy similar to building a model plane. Completed masterpieces resemble fairly accurate replicas of an M4 rifle...or they would if M4 rifles came in colors Camo, Splattered Zombie Blood, and Grillz Gold. Those who successfully assemble their Paper Shooters will feel like a true gunsmith as they tighten their final rivet. And those who don't will have a ton of random parts/consolation projectiles to fling furiously around their living room. Each Paper Shooter kit includes:

  • Perforated cards with the gun skeleton
  • All internal mechanics, rivets, and springs
  • Layer one skin in either Digital Ops, Zombie Slayer, or Golden Touch (fine, I made up the previous color names), plus necessary rivets/screws for plastic attachment
  • Layer two skin, which glues onto layer one to add detail
  • 1 magazine (additional mags are available, shells included, for $10)
  • 8 gold shells with 50 pieces of pre-made 'soft splat' paper ammo
  • Mold to make 'soft splat' ammo yourself from ordinary paper
  • Zombie head target

Paper Shooters enjoy Airsoft performance and spring-powered, precision firing without the mess, as their ammo is biodegradable. Deployed paper bullets also stick to their target so shooters always know what they've hit. For better or worse. The rifle even includes a safety catch.

Paper Shooters run as an Indidegogo campaign through May 19, 2013, with various backing levels available. The standard Digital Ops (camo) rifle runs $45 for early birds and $55 after the first 200 are claimed. Zombie Slayer and Golden Touch models cost $65. Anticipated delivery date is September 2013.

*Unless your shot accidentally knocks over and beheads her porcelain boy trinket from Spain and you glue it back together without telling her but then a few weeks later feel bad and decide to fess up. Then you're getting yelled at.

If you dig the paper shooter, I highly recommend checking out the Bug-A-Salt Shotgun too.

February 2016 Update: While original Paper Shooter funding was not successful, the company re-launched its Indiegogo campaign, and eventually got the kits funded, manufactured, and to Amazon, where you can now purchase the Zombie Slayer at your leisure.

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