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iWatch 2

It's sleek, it's svelte, and it will make your wrist look a mile long. It even redefines the concept of little black box with its glide-to-reveal top lid. The iWatch 2 has all of the classic features of the iWatch: WiFi...

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Jason Voorhees USB Flash Drive

Sold Out from Etsy »

Your data is important. If all of those naughty videos someone fall into the wrong hands, your dreams and aspirations could quickly turn into nightmares. What better way to protect them than with the hockey mask wearing...

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Powerstick USB Portable Charger

$45 from Powerstick »

The Powerstick is a portable charger for mobile devices such as phones, iPods, iPads, digital cameras, GPS and MP3 Players. Simply recharge it from any USB port including computers and laptops and then use it to charge...

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Altoids USB Phone Charger

$39.95 from Etsy »

This Altoids tin has been struck by magic and turned into a USB charging device. Perfect for charging your devices on the go, this ingenious invention provides the 5 volts required to charge USB powered devices. Additionally...

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The Levitron

$99.99 from Vat 19 »

The Levitron? Sweet. Someone is selling a 0-gravity amusement park ride. I bet you sit on the hovering black disc and try not to get bucked off as it bounces and spins wildly, right? And for only $99.99, you could probably...

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Swiss Army Flash Drive

$800 from Swiss Army »

File your nails, open an impossibly packaged plastic container, pen a love letter, find your way through the dark when the electricity goes out, stab a would be mugger, and store 128 GB of files protected by an advanced...

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Inception Totem

Cobb's totem from the film Inception has ripped through the seams of fiction and is now available for purchase in stainless steel, glass, sandstone, and about a dozen other dreamy colors and materials. It spins 90 seconds...

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The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

$45 - $105 from The Ridge »

Don't let overstuffed, bulging bi-folds infiltrate your pockets! Fight the Costanza Effect! Get on the Ridge! The Ridge slim front pocket wallets highlight 2 EDC must-haves, simplicity and compactness, across a line of...

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Branding Iron For BIC Lighter

$22 from Shapeways »

Hey moms! Check it out... No more searching for that perfect stocking-stuffer for your teenage son. Customize these to say whatever it is you'd like... that's 5 characters or less. This is actually a pretty creative idea...

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Pure Smoke

$147 from Ellusionist »

More mysterious than how Pure Smoke works or what it's made of is why the spontaneous appearance of smoke is so cool. In other contexts, such as while baking, performing basic electrical upgrades, or 10 miles into your...

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iPawn Interactive Game Pieces

$16 from »

Turn your iPad into a virtual board game. Wait... isn't it already that and much more? Isn't this engineering in reverse? Aren't these tantamount to a real 3D bookmark for iBooks? Who cares, I'm getting them anyway. Steve...

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MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer Kit

$1,299 from Makerbot »

If you're not familiar with 3D printers yet, it's time to start familiarizing yourself. A 3D printer actually "prints" an object you design on your computer by laying down successive layers of material. This offers the...

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Programmable Tattoo System

$149.99 from ThinkGeek »

NOTE: To everyone who keeps emailing us to reveal "the truth" about this product, please conserve your time and effort; trust us, we are well aware of the month and day on which ThinkGeek released their groundbreaking...

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Rainbow In My Room

$13.99 from Amazon »

For the people who hope for unrealistic things dreamers among us, this cool little light machine sits on just about any flat surface and sends a rainbow flying across your room. Pot of gold sold separately....

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DIY Guitar Pick Punch

$19.95 from Amazon »

You gotta cut up those old credit cards anyway right? Or what? Your identity will surely be stolen and you'll lose your girlfriend and probably be shunned. Instead, make cool guitar picks and avoid shunning with this...

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Inkling - Sketch to Digital

$219.99 from Amazon »

Great tool for taking your mindless "on the telephone" doodles and converting them to digital masterpieces. Designed for rough concepting and creative brainstorming, Inkling is ideal for the front end of the creative...

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Working Pip-Boy 3000

The electronic Personal Information Processor (PIP) manufactured by RobCo Industries in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas is now a viable acquisition to your non-gaming, non-digitized, biological life. Which is not only...

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The World's Most Powerful Laser

$299.95 from »

If bat shit looked like 1000mW of ice-blue lightning, the S3 Spyder III Arctic Laser would be the physical manifestation of bat shit crazy. As it stands, the world's most powerful laser is just fuckin' nuts. Wicked Lasers'...