KUBE Bluetooth Speaker with 37-Quart Cooler

Posted: May 20, 2019
KUBE Bluetooth Speaker with 37-Quart Cooler
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Boomin' Bluetooth speaker coolers are nothing new anymore, but KUBE shows they're still popular enough for designers and engineers to improve upon. KUBE's portable, wireless audio system built around a 37-quart ice chest is one of the nicest takes on a speaker cooler I've seen so far.

It's clear KUBE considers the cooler portion of this party box secondary, with just a quick line on the container's capacity and weatherproofing. They point out the chest is large enough for 16 bottles of wine...or 30 LPs. Or any additional clothing and gear you want to store out of the sun or sand.

KUBE's Bluetooth marine-certified, water-resistant sound system is where the company geeks out on its design and execution, noting the speakers "complement the space around you instead of competing with it." KUBE is made for 360-degree sound with radiating bass and low distortion, all calibrated to soar across the open water or sandy / green spaces. Yippee! cry neighboring boaters and the people on your street.

The KUBE Bluetooth speaker system has 50 hours of battery life with a full charge, and comes with onboard WiFi.

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