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Pyro Mini Fireball Shooter

$147 from Ellusionist »

Shooting fireballs from your empty hands just got a sleeker, slyer, more compact upgrade. Ellusionist, by way of magician Adam Wilber, introduced the original Pyro open-palm fireball shooter around this time last year....

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Director's Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock

$69.96 from Amazon »

Wednesday morning, many Wednesdays are in a year? How long have I been alive? Let's say Wednesday morning, take 1800. Ahhh, for those in the industry I'll bet the only sound sweeter than someone shouting out...

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Vintage-style Kerosene Lighter

Sold Out from Amazon »

Here's a little lighter that's a little off the beaten scorched path. Its look is a little vintage and a little steampunk. Its functionality is a little like a Zippo and a little like the kerosene lamps my grandma kept...

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Micro BB Crossbow


Why doesn't my Cubicle Warfare book include a chapter on How to Build a Micro BB Crossbow? Not that I wouldn't get fired for using it at the office. But we've had these "productivity enhancement strategy consultants"...

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Neato Botvac Wi-Fi-Enabled Robot Vacuum

$699.99 from Amazon »

Sure, you've seen robotic vacuums before. Those that say they'll keep your rooms free of dust, dirt, and the most evil of all floor debris evils, pet hair, while you lounge comfortably on the couch. Or cook dinner. Or...

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Tesla Coil Lighter

$14.99 from Amazon »

Tesla Coil Lighters are just one of your options if you're looking for a flameless, wind-proof lighter, but I think they're the cleverest looking. Simple, industrial exteriors with flip-tops that expose nifty arced coils...

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Chronos Activity Tracker Disc

$99 from Chronos »

Chronos isn't an activity tracker watch, it's an activity tracker for your watch. You know, the Rolex, the Montblanc, the Casio Calculator watch you already own. The 3mm Chronos disc slips under and adheres to your existing...

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The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

$45 - $105 from The Ridge »

Don't let overstuffed, bulging bi-folds infiltrate your pockets! Fight the Costanza Effect! Get on the Ridge! The Ridge slim front pocket wallets highlight 2 EDC must-haves, simplicity and compactness, across a line of...

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Triby - Connected Speaker for the Kitchen

$99.88 from Amazon »

Triby might look like a cutesy boombox for the kids, but hang with it for a minute because the speaker promises to be so much more than that. Physically, Triby is a 6" x 6" square, and just 1.2" deep with a magnetic backing...

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eora 3D - Smartphone-Powered 3D Scanner

$229 - $319 from eora 3D »

eora 3D says they've created the first 3D scanner that is as precise as it is affordable. And they might be right. eora 3D scans an array of physical objects and surfaces to sub-100 microns, with scans captured in full-color...

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Lumen Body-Heat-Operated Flashlight

$35 - $60 from Kickstarter »

Lumen creator Ross Zhuravskiy (call him "Rost") is my new favorite person. Watch his video, I think you'll see what I mean. Then check out his touch-operated flashlight powered entirely by its toucher's

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The Chaos Machine

$39.95 from Amazon »

Chaos is an area of mathematics that studies complex systems and the mind-blowing effects seemingly small, inconsequential changes can have on them. Dr. Ian Malcolm used one example of the Chaos in action, the Butterfly...

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Rhei Liquid Display Clock

By: Rhei »

First thing's first: if you want to see what's so special about Rhei, fast forward to 1:50 in the above video to bypass the dramatic buildup and jump straight to the action flow....

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Mexican Army Cipher Disk

$34.95 from Amazon »

What we have here is a state-of-the-art encryption machine. At least state-of-the-art as the state of art was just prior to WWI. During the United States' period of conflict with Mexico eventual father of cryptology...

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Dual USB Car Charger with LED Display

Sold Out from Amazon »

The dual ports on this car charger combine to output 3.1 amps, with smart charging technology able to recognize the device and its requirements regardless of which USB you choose. Reviewers confirm it will charge your...

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Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Bong

$34.99 from Amazon »

Roll-uh-Bowl is your foldable, portable, indestructible bong on the go. A waterpipe for the adventurer, the backwoods trekker, the beach bum, the guy who drops, knocks, and sits on things a lot. Roll-uh-Bowl folds and...

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The Aura Water Pipe

Sorry, hippies and artistic stoners. Now that marijuana is this close to mainstream acceptance, and not that much farther away from legalization, it's time for the techies and trendsters to move in and take over the conception...

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The Slinky Machine

If you've been toying with the idea of making an escalator for your Slinky, then you are almost as quirky and random as Matthias Wandel. Almost because Wandel went ahead and did it. The Slinky Machine is based on the...

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PoweriSite DeWalt Battery to USB Charger

$19.95 from Amazon »

Men! The time has come! To charge your phone! With your...

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Amazon Dash Buttons

$4.99 from Amazon »

Imagine snapping your fingers and--poof!--more coffee, bottled water, and toilet paper just show up at your door. Amazon Dash Buttons are like that, but maybe even better because pressing a button is actually way easier...

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UO Smart Beam Laser Projector

$459.97 from Amazon »

Celluon takes a slightly more humble route, bragging only about its PicoPro's ability to fit in your pocket, but SK Telecom goes straight for the pinnacle of accomplishment, calling its UO Smart Beam Laser Projector The...

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Fully Functional Palm-Size Cannon

Nope, it doesn't just shoot spitballs. This 1:32 scale replica of the Civil War-era Field Howitzer cannons sucks up and then blows back out good old booming black powder and BBs. With the help of a piece of firecracker...

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Holus Interactive Holographic Display

$450 - $530 from H+ Technology »

Holus shows you your board game. Your model. Your mama. In a form condensed to the size of your tabletop, enhanced to 3 dimensions, and manipulated by the powers of technology and Grayskull into a holographic image. Holus...

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Airwheel Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

Sold Out from Amazon »

Similar to the Hovertrax, but taking Team Circle over Team Straight Line, the Airwheel is a self-balancing scooter that rides like a unicycle with a motor. And no seat. And without the sidekick bear in a tutu....

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Mini Cooli Handheld USB Air Conditioner

$16.89 from Amazon »

Evaporative cooling science, USB charging technology, the engineering of smallness--all the luxuries of living in the 21st century come together in this handheld air conditioner so that the next time it's 127 degrees...

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PicoPro Pocket Projector

Sold Out from Amazon »

They say it's a pocket-sized movie theater, but I bet Celluon's PicoPro projector will mostly be relegated to boring applications like office presentations and impromptu TED talks at Palo Alto Starbucks stores. If I got...

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SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock

$87 from SensorWake »

Smells are powerful things. Particularly those of pubescent feet and dirty farts. But freshly baked croissants, brewing coffee, and cut grass can leave a decent impact too. Decent and, according to SensorWake, waaaaay...

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FOVE Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset

$375 - $399 from FOVE »

From viewing to controlling to FOVE. They're calling the headset with eye tracking capabilities the 3rd generation of virtual reality; the generation that will allow users not only to see and physically control their...

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Fibonacci Clock

$135 from Kickstarter »

Philippe Chretien created his Fibonacci Clock for "nerds with style." And, more importantly, nerds with the smarts to perform complex mathematical equations in their head whenever they want to use the Fibonacci Clock...

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Orbit1 Electroplater - Coat Anything in Metal

$1,999 - $2,199 from Orbit1 »

The Midas Touch: now available for as little as $2 per gram. 3D printing is still cool and all, but in technology years it's getting to be an old man. Between hobbyists being able to print their trinkets on desktop models...

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Pyle Pocket Projector with Built-in WiFi

$299.99 from Amazon »

The Pyle Smart Mini Pocket Projector couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a compact photo/video viewer, a laptop, a TV, or an MP3 Player, so it decided to be a true Renaissance Projector and conquer them all. In addition...

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Selfie Vibrator with HD Camera (NSFW)

$155 from Amazon »

It doesn't have to be a holiday or special occasion to surprise your lady with a thoughtful gift. The Svakom Gaga Sex Selfie Stick even has a foolproof, built-in mechanism for gauging how much she likes it. Come on, sugar...

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Solar Window Charger

Sold Out from Amazon »

This solar powered window charger reminds me of the Winbot window-washing robot, except that it doesn't move around your windows and clean them, it just sits there soaking up the sun and converting its mighty power to...

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International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter

$12.95 from Amazon »

Granted, I haven't been out of the country in a while on account of...some stuff...but the last time I had to schlep along device adapters I think they were about the size of my head and weighed approximately 27 pounds....

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Bushnell BackTrack Personal GPS Tracker

$71.95 from Amazon »

Not that I ever get lost, but...oh, put a sock in it, Mama, I wouldn't get lost even if I ever went somewhere either!...were I a directionally and locationally challenged person, I might like to have Bushnell's little...

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X15 Flamethrower

$1,599 from »

People typically use flamethrowers to clear brush. And just like that, for the first time in my life I cannot think of anything I'd rather do today than go clear me some brush. Better than a firehose and almost as badass...

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Pavlok - Habit-Breaking Shocking Wristband

$179.97 from Amazon »

If it's good enough for training the dog, it's good enough for training you. Pavlok thinks so anyway. And most people who were spanked as kids or repeatedly got hit in the face playing dodgeball would probably agree that...

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Soundhawk Smart Hearing Amplifier

Sold Out from Amazon »

It might look like just another Bluetooth earpiece, but the Soundhawk is definitely not just another Bluetooth earpiece. In fact, though it can serve as one, the Soundhawk isn't really a Bluetooth earpiece at all. But...

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NEEO Smart Remote with Hand Recognition

$219 from NEEO »

NEEO is the kind of universal remote that makes you realize previous so-called universal remotes could barely control the 12" TV in the john, much less the entire universe. Consisting of a "brain" base and the removable...

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Cicret Human Touchscreen Bracelet

By: Cicret »

My new tablet? My bulging, Tom-Cruise-in-The-Last-Samurai forearm. Hey, if they can make a laser-powered virtual keyboard that tracks fingers for real-time typing (and sound effects!) why can't they make a bracelet that...

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Mint - Breath Quality & Hydration Detector

$89 - $99 from indiegogo »

Breathometer's first foray into the world of oral off-gassing came in the form of a breathalyzer users can plug into their smartphone's audio jack, give a big blow, and get an instant blood alcohol content readout. Now...

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Electronic Neck Massager

$65.05 from Amazon »

Buying a specialized electronic neck massager is way cheaper than buying a whole electronic massage chair. And although I am sometimes tempted to tell my mama to go right ahead when she threatens to wring my neck just...

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DJI Inspire 1 Drone

$2,899 from Amazon »

Who's got Santa and Daddy Warbucks shelling out for Christmas this year? DJI's newest and, they say, baddest drone release is fresh for the taking this holiday season. The ready-to-fly Inspire 1 uses its quadcopter propellers...

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WaterColorBot 2.0

Hey, here's a swell way to convince children with 0 artistic talent that they can be the next Van Gogh. Make sure there are trophies on hand too for when the WaterColorBot completes their first masterpiece for them....

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Viking Horns Hand Crank Siren

$72.95 from Amazon »

According to vendor Viking Horns, the quick rundown on their hand crank siren is as follows. Color: Dark Gray. Sound Output: 115 decibels. Construction: Metal housing. Operation: Manual hand lever. Ideal Use: Getting...

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Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control

$193.19 from »

What I want to know is can this 1:1 screen-accurate replica of the phaser Captain James T. Kirk wielded in the 2660s beam me some free HBO and Pay Per View movies of a certain, uh, adult variety? Nyet? Well, can it at...

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Plastc Universal Card

$155 from Plastc »

The Plastc Card is like the Coin card consolidator, except...except not much. The two financial data storage and universal payment options are very similar. Right down to their pre-order only availability (Plastc is expected...

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Cobra iRadar Smart Detector

Sold Out from Amazon »

Well. It will never achieve the legendary status of the Fuzzbuster, but Cobra's iRadar 200 does bring a few tricks of its own to the table. Paired with an iPhone or Android smartphone, this smart radar detector provides...