NEEO Smart Remote with Hand Recognition

Posted: January 13, 2015
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NEEO is the kind of universal remote that makes you realize previous so-called universal remotes could barely control the 12" TV in the john, much less the entire universe. Consisting of a "brain" base and the removable remote itself, NEEO is a smart controller system that can command all of your devices from one place. Additionally, it has a secret sauce in the form of hand recognition software, so it even knows when you pick it up and calls forth your favorites, playlists, and other preferred content.

The NEEO base/brain serves as a communicator between compatible devices--the company says they've spent months cataloging and testing 30,000+ of them--and instantly detects those in range for easy pairing. Connect to all major AV products produced in the last 10 years, plus home automation gadgets, such as the Nest thermostat and smart light bulbs. The NEEO brain responds to commands from both its remote and NEEO's smartphone/tablet app.

Use the remote and enjoy a 291 ppi display and just enough buttons to perform necessary functions. No cryptic or superfluous controls. Its patent-pending recognition technology matches you with your created profile to call forth pertinent data and anticipate your desires, plus enable you to set parental controls or create additional profiles for guests and other users. If you lose your NEEO to the entropy of life (i.e., couch cushions, drunken pranks on yourself) activate its SOS alarm from the app to retrieve it.

NEEO seeks Kickstarter crowdfunding through February 12, 2015, and expects a quick turnaround to backers (May 2015) since the company has already perfected its design and says it needs funding only to complete its first full-scale production run.

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