MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner

By: on August 29, 2013
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I don't know if I really need to 3D scan anything--well nothing that would fit within the MakerBot Digitizer's 8" diameter confines, winkwinknudgenugde--and I definitely know I do not have $1,400, but I like that little gnome. I feel as if he's calling out to me, inviting me to take an adventurous tour of the world with him.

"Don't worry," he says, "I'll use my magical gnome powers to shrink you down to my size so we can hitch free rides in ladies' purses and eat pretzel snack mixes out of the airplane food cart without paying a $12 fee."

"Oh boy!" I reply, "I'm in!" But just as I turn away to pack up all of my belongings...BZZZZT! "Dude! Dude? Uh...Mr. Gnome...are you OK?"

He's not OK. He's just been zapped and brain fried by the Digitizer's scanning lasers.

But on the bright side, he now exists as a clean, watertight, 200,000-triangle 3D model ready for computer modification and reprinting on MakerBot's Replicator.

The MakerBot Digitizer has been released for "visionaries" in 3D scanning. That means people who know what they're doing and have object manipulation and reproduction goals, but aren't so proficient and demanding that they have unrealistic expectations of this first edition desktop 3D scanner.

Digitizers have a two-click functionality. Once the object is in place and the scanning process begins, MakerWare software's algorithm connects"hundreds of thousands of points into a seamless digital mesh in just seconds." From there, the scanned object is ready for design tweaks, scaling, animation, or even complete transformation at the hand of its new maker.

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LIX 3D Printing Pen

$149 from Amazon »

Paperless pens and drawing in 3D. True, we've seen it in the 3Doodler, but LIX is the first 3D printing pen to condense this technology into a writing instrument of normal proportions. You know, rather than one that looks...

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3Doodler - 3D Printing Pen

$82.93 from Amazon »

Bring your doodles to life. Well, except for the animation and biological functionality parts. So more like, give your doodles 3 dimensions, without the added concern of feeding or sending them to private school. WobbleWorks'...

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$100 3D Printer


July 2016 Update: I received the following email from a Dude reader this week: "Hey, just a heads up, I just checked their page and the inventor says that the business partner stole people's money whom invested in this...

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Teslasuit - Full-Body Haptic Suit

$1,100 - $3,665 from Teslasuit »

No, the Teslasuit is not for racing your Tesla. Or, more realistically, the Teslasuit is not a 3-piece Armani with embroidered logos and a gold-threaded pocket square to wear while cruising your Model S around the suburbs....

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Robo R2 High Performance Smart 3D Printer

$1,499.99 from Amazon »

As you'd imagine from their similarity in name, the Robo R2 3D and the Droid R2-D2 have much in common. While the former cannot boop-beep-beep-bee-boop and engage you in deep conversation like the latter, both printer...

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Shark Hologram LED Night Light Lamp

Sold Out from Amazon »

If they'd given Joseph an Amazing Technicolor Dream Shark instead of a Dream Coat, this holographic LED lamp is probably what it would have looked like. It would've been a way better gift too--I bet Joseph's brothers...

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Structure - 3D Sensor for Mobile Devices

$349 - $379 from Structure »

Occipital believes the future of computer vision is mobile. That means the company's forthcoming Structure Sensor for iPad has 3D depth--the camera attachment captures accurate, all-dimensional measurements and models...

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Orbit1 Electroplater - Coat Anything in Metal

$1,999 - $2,199 from Orbit1 »

The Midas Touch: now available for as little as $2 per gram. 3D printing is still cool and all, but in technology years it's getting to be an old man. Between hobbyists being able to print their trinkets on desktop models...

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Kodak Photo Printer Dock

$139.99 from Amazon »

Uh, a printed 4 x 6 selfie on the fridge where only me and my 3 friends who come over will be able to see it, rather than a digital selfie posted to Instagram where all 976 of my "friends"--plus maybe millions of other...

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Mycestro 3D Mouse Ring

Sold Out from Amazon »

Controlling objects through abracadabra gestures seems to be a hot trend right now. So can someone please make me a Mycestro 3D Mouse ring or MYO Armband that, in addition to manipulating my PC, will also abracadabra...

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MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer Kit

$1,299 from Makerbot »

If you're not familiar with 3D printers yet, it's time to start familiarizing yourself. A 3D printer actually "prints" an object you design on your computer by laying down successive layers of material. This offers the...

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Twinkind - 3D Printed Me

$295 - $1,689 from Twinkind »

A miniature exact replica of mine own self, scanned and 3D printed to order? Hmmm. How about a gargantuan, like 10:1, 3D-printed twin that I can fill with air as I would a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ballon and float...