Makashi Renegade Lightsaber

By: on April 15, 2013

You've seen lightsabers and you've seen lightsabers. Saberworks' Makashi Renegade definitely falls into the second category. Currently in 3D printed prototype form, the saber endeavors to turn out a successful Kickstarter campaign, and follow up with a full production run ready by December 2013.

Makashi Renegades will have aluminum hilts with black anodized grips and a permanent mirror finish. Media blast accents will cover the step-downs behind their chambers/overlays, with polished brass coating the ring in the middle, a covertec knob, and buttonhead accents in the pommel. The lightsaber's emitter is slotted to hold a 1" or 7/8" custom polycarbonate blade. And that's just how it's gonna look sitting idly on your shelf.

Saber functionality will include LED and sound effects, controlled either by Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 6.10 or Petit Crouton 2.0. Main LED and a custom 7-color SMD LED bar-graph will also perform at the user's behest via a feature called R.I.C.E., which enables setting the light configuration in real time through a computer program. A 3watt 4ohm speaker establish sound clarity and depth of field.

Saberworks plans to make Makashi Renegades available in 5 LED color options:

  • Tri Cree GGW: green with white flash.
  • Tri Cree BBW: blue with white flash.
  • Tri Cree RRW: red with white flash.
  • Tri Cree RBW: purple with white flash.
  • Tri Cree RGB: multi color setup, which includes Plecter Labs Color Xtender (CeX).

Lightsaber funding opportunities run on Kickstarter through June 9, 2013. Brace yourself, though, because while these superbly crafted sparring weapons will blow up Comic-Con and Cosplay nights, they will have the same effect wallets. $600 pledges are required to receive a Makashi Renegade in unassembled kit form. Those wishing to have theirs arrived ready for action should be ready to shell out double that amount.

December 2013 Update: Makashi Renegade funding was unsuccessful. While at present it does not appear that creator Scott Phair has proceeded with producing it for the public, his Saberworks Website does allude to future custom LED sabers on the horizon.

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