LIX 3D Printing Pen

By: on April 29, 2014
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Paperless pens and drawing in 3D. True, we've seen it in the 3Doodler, but LIX is the first 3D printing pen to condense this technology into a writing instrument of normal proportions. You know, rather than one that looks like it just got stung by a hundred bees. That means LIX is not only nicer to gaze at, but also more comfortable to hold and maneuver. So despite widespread sentiments about the superiority of bigger, thicker phallic shapes, artists and scribblers should find creating finer and more detailed dimensional projects much more gratifying with the LIX.

Also of immediate note: At printing LIX had just launched its Kickstarter campaign, with the pen going at an introductory rate of $70--half price--to its first 100 backers. Click fast to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing, or take up until May 29, 2014 to get your pledge in at the standard $135.

For those unfamiliar with 3D printing pens, they are essentially tools filled with malleable, meltable filament that enable users to sketch in the air. Horizontally, vertically, circularly, and to hell and back. LIX creators tout their pen as the smallest and most advanced of those available, describing it as the perfect implement for creating 3D writings, accessories, decoration pieces, jewelry, and prototypes. Similar to 3D printers, the LIX functions by melting colored plastic with its heated end nozzle as it exits the pen. Once the plastic hits the air and drawing surface, it immediately begins cooling and will thereby hold whatever shape its master has commanded. When completely cooled, the plastic becomes a rigid, freestanding structure.

The LIX pen is powered by a USB 3.0 port. It will accept 2 different types of filament. ABS filament is the stronger of the two, as well as more flexible and structured with a greater malleability and higher temperature resistance. Its melting point is 356 degrees F, and it works at 446 degrees F. PLA filament comes in a wider range of colors and levels of gloss. It is a plant-based plastic, so in addition to being a little weaker than ABS it is also sensitive to moisture. Its melting point is 320 degrees F, and it works at 356 degrees F.

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$100 3D Printer


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