LEGO Breakfast Machine

Posted: July 02, 2018

Play with LEGOs. Play with your food. Or! Let your LEGOs play with your food. But only if you can build a LEGO Breakfast Machine as neat and captivating as YouTube LEGO Technic master The Brick Wall made for his dad.

Even if there weren't bacon involved, I'd still watch this video over and over.

The Brick Wall went breakfast with his LEGO builds to honor the man who he says cooks the morning meal every Saturday and Sunday of the year. It's a 2-piece set, with a large frame housing and helping transfer the ingredients - bacon and eggs in this case - and a 4-wheeled rover that works the floor, tending to the food once it's in the pan. The Brick Wall calls them the Egg Cracker and the Breakfast Picker.

The Brick Wall's YouTube channel is filled with LEGO Technic mods and creations just as impressive as the Breakfast Machine. Check it out to see such feats as a giant working hay baler and FIFA 2018 soccer machine. Any LEGO would be so lucky to be just another brick in this Brick Wall.

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