LED Cube - 3D Light Show

Posted: August 20, 2012

The LED Cube's 3D light show enjoys a fine piece of video marketing. That is, when its 40-second YouTube circus of flashing, running, strobing, tightrope-walking lights ends, I feel so sad and empty. I have to watch it again. And again. And then, like a good little advertiser's target demographic, I follow the link to Gadgets & Gear, where I read that if I owned my very own Cube, I would get to watch its 64 multi-colored LEDs cycle through enthralling multi-dimensional patterns of synchronicity for 30 consecutive minutes before seeing a single sequence repeat itself. It would be like having Vegas in my bedroom, except I could stare at the LED Cube for 72 hours straight and only lose $99.95 on the purchase price, instead of roaming around the casino for 72 hours straight and losing every cent to my name on the craps table. Plus, the Cube is prettier than most of the things in Vegas willing to spend time in my bedroom. Except Mike Tyson's tiger, of course.

Each of the Cube's LEDs is able to mesmerize pupils and corneas and retinas and other eye parts with over 1000 colors of RGB light. Just a few minutes of gazing upon it is sure to lull you into a relaxed, Zen-like state, or trigger a migraine. The 4 x 4 x 4 Cube chills comfortably on desktops and tables, and enjoys rocking out to dance beats and Neil Diamond.

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