Kuri Home Robot

By: on January 06, 2017
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Your kids will love that Kuri wants to be their robot play buddy. You'll love that Kuri can connect to your other smart home installations to do things like stream music and podcasts, and monitor unusual activity. You might not admit it, but you'll also love her Cap Touch Sensor, a tech feature that signals Kuri to be even more adorable, looking up at you and chirping affectionately when you pat her on the head. Your pets will love...well...actually your pets might hate Kuri and declare war on her. Because when you're not home, Kuri will be your eyes and ears of the house. She'll show you what's going down if you nudge her through her app, tattling on Pixel the doodle when he sneaks onto the couch, and opening up a communication line so you can yell at him to get off (check it out in the video.)

Mayfield Robotics built Kuri to be a multi-dimensional home robot with a personality, awareness, and mobility. She maps and learns to understand his surroundings, avoiding obstacles and stopping before he falls down the stairs (maybe he can teach Grandma.) She can recognize individuals in his family and respond to them with facial expressions, head movements, and the Kuri equivalents of boop-beep-beep-boo-boop. And she can duct tape your hands and legs in your sleep and move to take over your household. And then the world.

Just kidding. Mayfield Robotics assures us Kuri is not, and never could be, that type of robot.

Kuri hardware and specs include:

  • A built-in 1080p camera, so you can check in on the house or pets while you're away
  • A quad of microphones, dual speakers, and WiFi + Bluetooth connectivity for playing music and reading to the kiddos
  • Various sensors for mapping and detecting edges and objects
  • Programmable tasks and IFTTT capabilities to connect within modern smart homes
  • Hours of battery life and a charging dock she goes to on her own when the battery is low (or when you tell her to.)

Available for pre-order at printing, Mayfield Robotics anticipates Kuri will start shipping in time for the 2017 holiday season. The robot stands 20" tall and weighs about 14 pounds.

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