International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter

Posted: March 04, 2015
International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter
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Granted, I haven't been out of the country in a while on account of...some stuff...but the last time I had to schlep along device adapters I think they were about the size of my head and weighed approximately 27 pounds. And I was carrying, like, 4 of them to for compatibility across various foreign borders. What an enormous pain in my first world problems! Seems like travel plugs have come a long way though. This adapter from Kensington isn't just pocket-sized, but also an all-in-one unit that has outlet functionality between the US and over 150 different countries.

The Kensington adapter features slide-out power plugs for ease of access and protection again loss of individual pieces. Being a single, self-contained unit also eliminates any hassles that might otherwise accompany adapter transport. Use it to hook up laptops, chargers, and similar devices.

Note that this Kensington adapter model (33117) does not reduce or convert electrical voltage. It is suitable for most consumer electronics ranging from 110-volts to Mac 275-watts, to 220-volts to Mac 550-watts. That means no hairdryers or irons. Sorry ladies and dapper men. It weighs 7 ounces and measures 1.875" wide x 2" deep x 2.25" high (WxDxH).

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