Hydro-Electric Power Station

Posted: June 14, 2017
Hydro-Electric Power Station
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Eisco Labs' Hydro-Electric Power Station isn't going to bring clean, sustainable energy to your home, or hack a wad of dollars off your utility bills. But. Since the functional motor and turbine system is desktop-sized and classroom-ready, maybe you can teach your kids all about the conversion of water flow to electrical energy, and have them build a working hydro-electric plant to power the whole house during their summer vacation. It would get them outside. Give them something to do besides coveting Likes on Instagram.

The Hydro-Electric Power Station's turbine has a transparent cover so you can see it in action as it works with the motor to generate electricity. You can direct that electricity via a switch either to fire up a lamp or spin a Newton's Color Disc.

Eisco Labs designed the machine to function under low water pressure, though it will perform even better if you've got high pressure. The set includes a 25mm diameter outflow tube and inlet tubing with an adapter for larger size taps.

Dimensions of the Hydro-electric Power Station are 13" x 9" x 7.5".

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