Game Boy Digital Timer

By: on July 03, 2014
  • Game Boy Digital Timer
  • Game Boy Digital Timer
  • Game Boy Digital Timer
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What better way to show little Johnny how much longer he has to play the handheld gaming device that's defining his childhood than with the handheld gaming device that defined yours? Alright, squirt, I'm setting the timer for 15 minutes. When Game Boy dings, you have 2 choices: you put the DS back in your drawer or I put it into my Black Hole of Everlost Electronics. Oh, don't give me that wounded puppy pout. Grandmama says when it dings again...the double chocolate chip peanut butter bacon cookies are ready.

The Game Boy-inspired digital timer has a magnet on back for holstering on the fridge to keep track of cook times, or the file cabinet to keep track of how long the guy who sits next to me at work spends in the john every time he eats Taco Bell for lunch.

2 Nintendo Lighters
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Nintendo Lighters

$6.99 from Amazon »

Are you going to fire up the NES or ignite the Game Boy tonight? These Nintendo-themed lighters have all your old school flame-flicking needs covered. I wonder if they also come with a means of converting flame to fireball...

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The Miracle Cube Timer

$12.99 - $18.88 from Amazon »

Miracle Cube Timer? Haha, kids, more like the Miracle Cube Time-outer. Mama and Daddy are getting a new gadget to count down their workouts and number of minutes they must breathe deep and calm before freaking out. But...

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Game Boy Watch

$24 from Games World »

Neon and mesh clothing are back in style, why not the Game Boy wrist watch? Though while Forever 21 has an entire 787 hangar full of hot pink, highlighter yellow, and retina-blasting green fishnets and half shirts, this...

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Magnetic Sand Hourglass

$8.66 from Amazon »

Looks like Wooly Willy is a new daddy. They told him this would happen if he didn't stay away from that sexy hourglass at the front desk. Now he's got at least 18 years of minding his little iron fillings in 60-second...

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Portable Pocket Super Nintendo

$87.99 from Amazon »

Time to go through your closet and dig out all of those classic super nintendo games. You knew there was a reason not to give those to charity. Told you mom! The Supaboy Pocket SNES is essentially a gameboy for your old...

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Nintendo Gameboy Dress

$74 from Etsy »

Finally. A way to combine your one true love and the girl you're currently boning. This handmade, handcrafted dress will surely lead to a handjob if you're smart enough to buy one for your girl....

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Gameboy iPhone Cover

$17.99 from Lootiful.com »

This is pretty badass and very well made. The iPWN! Case for iPhone 4 fits AT&T models perfectly and you'll surely be the only person you know that has one... unless you know a bunch of other geeks....

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Awaglass Soap Bubble Timer

Sold Out from Amazon »

Here at last to keep track of your 60-second increments of time: soapy water. Fill the Awaglass bubble timer with H2O and dish soap, shake it up, and marvel at the brilliant mind of a Japanese dude with so much time on...

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Gymboss Interval Timer

$19.95 from Amazon »

The Gymboss is the best timer I ever had. Even when I hate it and swear it is cheating me as it beeps my 10-second rest is up, and also am pretty sure that it is malfunctioning when it's not beeping that 60 seconds of...

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Time Bomb Kitchen Timer

Sold Out from Amazon »

They could have done so much more when they decided to turn a ticking time bomb into a kitchen timer. I think rather than twisting the center people should be able to pull the fuse to set it. And then with each passing...

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Camera Lens Kitchen Timer

$14 from Photo Jojo »

Thanks to foodies and the blogging world, cameras and cuisine have pretty much become inextricably bound. Photojojo, ever the purveyor of the photography's most clever, kitschy, and surprisingly useful accessories (check...