Game Boy Digital Timer

Posted: July 03, 2014
  • Game Boy Digital Timer
  • Game Boy Digital Timer
  • Game Boy Digital Timer
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What better way to show little Johnny how much longer he has to play the handheld gaming device that's defining his childhood than with the handheld gaming device that defined yours? Alright, squirt, I'm setting the timer for 15 minutes. When Game Boy dings, you have 2 choices: you put the DS back in your drawer or I put it into my Black Hole of Everlost Electronics. Oh, don't give me that wounded puppy pout. Grandmama says when it dings again...the double chocolate chip peanut butter bacon cookies are ready.

The Game Boy-inspired digital timer has a magnet on back for holstering on the fridge to keep track of cook times, or the file cabinet to keep track of how long the guy who sits next to me at work spends in the john every time he eats Taco Bell for lunch.

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