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Posted: January 19, 2017
$139 - $199
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French envirotech company Plume Labs debuted the Flow at CES 2017, and hopes to make the personal air quality tracker available later this year to any of you interested in knowing and reducing your exposure to air pollution. The Flow device, which awesomely looks like a made-over cowbell, is small enough to sit quietly on the kitchen counter for indoor air quality analysis, or attach to a bag, purse, bike, or stroller when you want to keep tabs on what you're breathing outside (a key feature most existing air quality monitors don't incorporate.)

Flow sensors track the following environmental pollutants and elements contributing to angry lungs:

  • PM2.5 - particulate matter and dust
  • NOx - exhaust fumes
  • Ozone - irritating gas (can't wait to try it out in my living room after gorging on some cabbage rolls and chili cheese fries!)
  • VOCs - household chemicals
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

The device regularly sends its measurements and findings to a companion mobile app and, along with an environmental AI, makes an assessment of your current air quality. Reports read as overall, at-a-glance ratings of "Fresh Air," "Moderate Pollution," and "Very High Pollution," along with the specifics of air content. The Flow app will also provide alerts and tips on what to do and where to go when air quality is poor, including collecting and interpreting data from all users over time to live map air pollution in your city, and suggest its best "breathing spaces."

If you're interested in learning more or getting your own Flow, head over to the Plume labs website and sign up for notifications of its forthcoming release.

September 2017 Update: Plume has just made the Flow air quality tracker available for pre-order through the company website.

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