Exo-Gauntlet - CO2 Powered Exoskeleton

By: on June 03, 2012
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JP Rishea masterminds a legion of sick conglomerations of metal and power, but the Exo-Gauntlet is probably his most irrationally needful of them all. I guess one could technically argue that it has a few practical applications, such as breaking down plastic and cardboard for the recycling bin, catching baseballs and other palm-sized items that may fly at one's face (seriously), and serving as the granddaddy of fail-safe beer koozies on hot summer days. But the only truly solid argument for incurring the ire of wives and the fiscally responsible portion of one's psyche with the glove's purchase is that it's a sick piece of sick bionic sickness. It's a little bit of you meets a little bit of Iron Man meets endless hours of crushing things to smithereens. Milk cartons. Capri Sun pouches. The pinky finger of whichever friend gets skunky drunk enough to let you try it first....

The Exo-Gauntlet is equipped with a force application button that depresses to activate integrated, custom-made actuators capable of applying up to 250 psi of pressure, depending on the power cartridge installed. Suiting up hands is as easy as sliding on a glove, with Velcro straps at the forearm to lock the device in place. Wearers retain finger and thumb control, so when not Go-Go Gadget death gripping, the gauntlet allows for a decent range of standard hand functions. Grip speed is adjustable--paws can snap shut instantly, or close to maximal strength slowly and smoothly. Check out Rishea's brief video demo of the Exo-Gauntlet here.

A small, belt-mounted CO2 tank and regulator combo power the gauntlet. Achieving its max 250 psi pressure rating requires a miniature 16 gram CO2 cartridge, plus ample caution and sobriety to preclude over-pressurization. Purchases come with a standard cartridge, rated to 90 psi. One cartridge allows for about 250 activations before a refill is required, and refills are typically available at paintball supply stores.

Superpowered metal hand skeletons come in sizes small and large, with the latter suited for anyone 5'10" and above.

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