Cryoscope - Tactile Weather Vane

By: on May 12, 2012

You've already tasted the rainbow, now it's time to touch the temperature. The Cryoscope is a WiFi-driven, tactile weather vane that heats or cools to the current--or forecasted--outside temperature of any user-entered location. Say the day's predicted high is 62, and you want a solid sense of what that will feel like when you're standing in front of your closet at 6:30 a.m., only marginally more awake than asleep, trying to select weather-appropriate threads. The Cryoscope will adjust its surface temperature to 62, allowing you to put your hand (or other anatomical part) on the precise number of degrees your entire body is going to encounter later on.

Alternatively, if it's February, and you're buried in 2 feet of upstate New York snow, about to peace out to Puerto Vallarta, ask your magic Cryoscope to conjure up some Mexican weather so you can relish the sweet heat you're escaping to as you pack your bags. It's the one weather vane on earth that lets its users feel the temperature of...anywhere on earth. And even a little beyond. The Cryoscope also has a hypothermically cold setting for outer space.

The 5" x 5" x 5" Cryoscope physically cools and heats within a temperature range of 32F to 108F (0C to 42C), though it can convey temperatures well below freezing since it's made of metal, which affects the skin more poignantly than air does. The device's underside is also equipped with red, white, and blue LEDs, for instant feedback on hot, neutral, and cold temperatures.

The strangely intriguing idea of a tactile weather vane belongs to Robb (yes, spelled like the Stark boy) Godshaw, who has uploaded his design as a Kickstarter project. A $300 pledge awards backers an aluminum Cryoscope of their own, set for delivery in August 2012. For an additional $100, the aluminum base will be upgraded to bronze, and for the high rollers out there, $4,500 will let you touch the weather in solid silver. Godshaw's funding period runs through June 5, 2012.

2013 Update: The Cryoscope did not reach its Kickstarter funding goal, and so is not currently available for consumer purchase.

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