Bushnell BackTrack Personal GPS Tracker

Posted: March 01, 2015
Bushnell Backtrack Personal GPS Tracker
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Not that I ever get lost, but...oh, put a sock in it, Mama, I wouldn't get lost even if I ever went somewhere either!...were I a directionally and locationally challenged person, I might like to have Bushnell's little personal GPS tracker, the BackTrack. In describing it, the company welcomes me to "the world of simple navigation," going on to say that "getting back at the end of the day is as easy as pushing a button and following an arrow." Hey, speaking of arrows, remember those T-shirts with the arrows pointing left or right that said, "I'm with Stupid"? Ha! Those were hilarious.

In essence, the BackTrack is a digital compass capable of storing up to 3 locations as GPS coordinates. It has just 2 buttons to finagle, and when you set a location for it to remember--whether in a crowded parking lot or campsite in the woods--the device will provide distance in yards/miles or meters/kilometers and a directional arrow back to that point.

In addition to finding true north as a self-calibrating digital compass and guiding the way with its high sensitivity GPS receiver, the Bushnell BackTrack is small enough to store in a pocket, clip to a pack or belt, or use as a keychain, and includes an LED backlight and auto shutoff features.

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