3-Inch Telescope

By: on January 02, 2013
3-Inch Telescope
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The telescope, it is tiny. Yet it magnifies the world to about 3 times its natural size. How ironic. Irony's still in, right? Particularly liberal applications of the term? So guess what hipsters: Yahtzee! The 3" brass telescope is for you. Not a hipster? How about an astronomer, a steampunk enthusiast, a pirate, or a Peeping Tom? Then the 3" brass telescope is also for you.

Modeled after old style sight enhancers, the bite-size telescope is retractable, with the 3" size denoting its length at full extension. A loop on top enables attachment to a key chain, zipper, or necklace. Though I'm not exactly sure what practical use one could find for this miniature piece of metal and glass, my understanding is that telescopes are good for getting close-up views of things that are far away.