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By: on February 20, 2013
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Bring your doodles to life. Well, except for the animation and biological functionality parts. So more like, give your doodles 3 dimensions, without the added concern of feeding or sending them to private school. WobbleWorks' 3Doodler Kickstarter campaign endeavors to introduce the world's first 3D printing pen.

Using an ABS plastic medium--the same as many 3D printers and plumbing drain lines--3Doodler drawings take shape as the pen flicks through the air or along surfaces. For example, I tilt and wave my hand a few times and suddenly, hundreds and hundreds of ornate, cursive Mr. Katharine McPhees leap off my paper and lope through my fingers. Ouch. Some of them are pointy.

WobbleWorks further defies the standard rules of technology by promising their 3Doodler is both compact and easy to use; it requires no software, computers, or 33 minutes of hold time while busy Comcast representatives assist the 9 people ahead of you. Just plug the pen into a power socket and start drawing. Anything. I might even make a couple objects unvulgar enough to show my mom the next time she comes over and asks what I've been doing with my life and her money.

3Doodlers draw in the third dimension by extruding heated plastic in response to user manipulation. The plastic cools quickly, solidifying into a stable structure/work of art. It can be applied to nearly any surface, including other plastic, to enable personalization of items such as smartphone cases and laptops, and the intricacy of objects a user can create is limited only by his or her imagination. And talent. As with any type of artistic endeavor, some of us will walk away with stick figures and palm turkeys, while others construct elaborate jewelry and Six-Finger Sword replicas and life-size, anatomically correct ABS love dolls. For example.

Funded to the hilt at over $2 million pledged, the 3Doodler project dominated its Kickstarter run, and is now available for direct purchase. Packages include a 3Doodler pen, protective tip, plus 50 strands of mixed color ABS plastic.

February 2014 Update: The 3Doodler popularity has spawned many knockoffs admirers since its release. You can also compare the 3D Drawing Pen and the LuguLake 3D Printer Pen.

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