Friendly Swede Multi-Tool Stylus Pen

Posted: May 28, 2019
Friendly Swede Multi-Tool Stylus Pen
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A Friendly Swede original, the Multi-Tool Stylus Pen combines...well, a multi-tool with a stylus pen. The pocket-protector-ready e-writer has a total of 9 different uses. At least, 9 that the Friendly Swede wants to talk about. I can think of 2 more just off the top of my head, but that's probably only because I'm not a friendly Swede, but a dirty American.

The 15cm capacitive touchscreen stylus is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, and fitted with replaceable rubber tips. At only 35 grams in weight, it's easy enough to carry along when you want to jot down a note, orrr when you want to:

  • Crack open a beer with the included bottle opener
  • Use the built-in firestarter to light a flame
  • Saw some literal logs with the saw
  • Make a pointy stick with the scraper
  • Show some screws how good you can screw 'em with the screwdriver
  • Bust out of a bad situation with the Wolfram steel window breaker
  • Use the 6mm hex key to tighten or loosen a 6mm hex bolt
  • Whistle while you work, or when you need some help. (Admittedly, I got my hopes up seeing the image of the dude with his mouth around the Friendly Swede Stylus, thinking one of its multi-tools was a pipe.)

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