Dragon's Breath Jumbo Turbo Blue Flame Torch

Posted: November 13, 2019
Dragon's Breath Jumbo Turbo Blue Flame Torch
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Viserion, is that you? This dragon breathes blue fire, shooting at will (or at his Night King's command) to incinerate everything in its path.

Well, OK, it's not really breath, it's butane.

And I guess it's not so much a dragon as it is a lighter fitted with a metal shell shaped to look like a dragon. But, you know, basically same-same.

These Dragon's Breath Jumbo Turbo Blue Flame Torches are wind-resistant, and fire at any angle. In addition to your standard fireworks-and-bong-lighting uses, professional and amateur chefs can benefit from a Draggo in the kitchen to flambe dishes, toast up marshmallow and meringue, and caramelize creme brulee. If you've got a DIY repair on your list, try some Dragon's Breath to solder wires too. The Blue Flame Torch can hit temperatures of up to 2300 degrees F.

Dragons emitting their colorful breath also come in some colorful body choices, including Copper, Gray, Green, and Purple.

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