XFLEX Tablet Stand

By: on May 22, 2013
$89.95 - $109.95
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Under the right circumstances, I think it's OK to mount things. I'm not going to delve into a lot of specifics on that topic, but I will say that one item that falls into the OK to Mount category is an iPad. In the car, in the kitchen, on the couch, or on the golf course, it's nice to be able to make my tablet stay put without holding it, and in such a way that its screen is still easy to see and use. XFLEX is a stand that enables the mounting of any tablet in just about any space or environment.

Rather than buying a host of different stands and installing them in all the places tablets are used, XFLEX allows users to buy a single, highly versatile stand to hold the hardware stably and in any number of positions and locations. Its splat!-looking base both stands upright on its own, and also responds favorably to being wedged between couch cushions and gaps in car consoles. XFLEX attaches to the backs of devices, including iPad, Galaxy, Kindle, Surface, and iPhone, via a power-locking suction cup, and its flexible arm extension magnetically connects to the base's side or back to adapt for different applications.

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Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

$87.28 from Amazon »

Fat-fingered iPad and iPhone users rejoice! Celluon's EPIC Laser Virtual Keyboard, a 63-key QWERTY holograph, projects at full size onto any flat surface, lessening the tediousness of mobile texting and emailing, and...

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Auton Under-the-Bed TV Lifts

$7,595 - $13,895 from Auton »

What's that, She-Ra? No, nope, I wasn't watching TV in bed. Do you see a TV in here? Must have heard Legion blaring from another unit...hey, no! Don't...don't look under the bed!...

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Trivae 4-in-1 Kitchen Tool

$69.07 - $80 from Amazon »

Still stuck on a gift for Mom? Hosting a holiday party? Need a decently priced butler to hold stuff for you while you're cooking, and then again when you take the pan off the heat, and then again when you set the dish...

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The FlameStower Fire-Powered Device Charger

$64.59 from Amazon »

Add just 10 ounces of FlameStower weight to your pack and you'll add unlimited recharges to your small battery-powered outdoor gear. Cameras. GPS systems. Lights. Smartphones*. The FlameStower Fire Charger gathers heat...

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Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand

$129.99 from Amazon »

It's not just a trailer hitch-amabob, it's an investment in relaxation. To make good use of a Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand purchase you'll also need a couple of those hammock hanging chairs (Hammakas themselves, if you're...

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PARKIS Effortless Bicycle Lift

$254 - $317 from PARKIS »

How effortless is it to PARKIS your bicycle? Here's a GIF. Looks like sliding the front wheel onto an elevator and sending 'er to the penthouse. Glide the cab back down to dismount. PARKIS says the process is so simple...

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Hose Hooker

$29.95 from Amazon »

You may not need a Hose Hooker every day, but, say, when bath time for Bonzo turns into spraying yourself in the face a few times and walking away from the sudsing just as wet and agitated as your dog is, the hands-free...

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ECHOGEAR Articulating TV Wall Mount

$39.99 from Amazon »

A few hours from now, when you're knocking back beers and sausage rolls during Super Bowl 50 at your friend Cornelius' house, and wondering why you keep feeling random shooting pains down the left side of your neck, circle...

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iBed Tablet Stand

Sold Out from Amazon »

iBed, a hands-free up-high and down-low tablet stand, notes that "When lying down for a long period of time, you not only risk dropping your tablet device, but you also suffer from pain in your arms and neck and back."...

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Double - Roaming Robotic iPad Stand

$2,499 from Double Robotics »

What if you could be in two places at once? I mean really. I mean more really than just having a view via a live video feed. What if you could walk around, look at, and engage with anyone or thing you wanted, with your...

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6-Pack of Amazon Fire Tablets

Sold Out from Amazon »

The new 7" Amazon Fire tablets are up for pre-order today. Just $49.99 apiece. Or...OR! $249.95 for a 6-pack. Yes, that's right. A 6-pack of hot ones. I don't think Amazon expects you to go through them as fast as your...

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The SoundPad Tablet Stand

$28.90 from DudeIWantThat.com »

From an enhanced theater experience with stadium seating and IMAX screens to an enhanced theater experience with airplane seating and your tablet screen. SoundPad is further proof that while we like things really big...