Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad

Posted: December 12, 2013
Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad
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Here's a way to increase the functionality--oh, no, sorry, "unlock the power" of your Windows 8 PC. The Logitech rechargeable touchpad expands upon the standard built-in trackpad both dimensionally with its large, 5.9" x 5.7" glass surface, and operatively with its 13 multi-touch gesture responsiveness.

The touchpad's gestures aim to be simple and intuitive, and its two-fingered horizontal/vertical scrolling capabilities smooth. Point and click anywhere on the pad by dragging your fingers to their desired location and tapping. Or perform one of the following slight sleights of hand:

  • A three-finger upswipe on the touchpad at the Windows 8 start screen to access items such as apps, contacts, and calendar.
  • A single digit L-to-R swipe from the pad's edge to center to switch apps.
  • A single digit R-to-L swipe from the pad's edge to center to go to the charms menu.
  • A single digit top-to-bottom swipe from the pad's edge to center to activate the app menu.
  • A two-finger pinch or spread motion to zoom in and out of photos, web pages, and docs.
  • A tallman drive-and-dig motion to dislodge that crusty boogie you've felt forming since last Tuesday.
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