USB Fragrance Dispenser

By: on March 21, 2012
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Ahhh, I love the smell of EEPROM in the morning. With a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil, and the gentle heat of your top performing USB port, the Scent Drive will emit wafts of olfactory candy primed to make stuffy cubes and the pulsating glow of computer monitors just a little less soul-sucking. Try a zesty citrus scent, and feel turbocharged to go all Martha Stewart on the details of your quarterly report. Or how about a calming lavender to reduce the ire riled by a T1 connection behaving like a dial-up? And at home, when the kids won't log off Facebook, or extract themselves from Call of Duty, we hear a 1 mL melange of ylang-ylang, chamomile, and turkey drippings makes for a no-fail odiferous explosion of Go the F*** to Sleep.

Once dispersal begins, Scent Drive fragrances can span approximately 10 square feet, which should just cover the offensive emissions seeping from the northern and southern orifices of those next to, in front of, and behind you on the airplane. The diffuser's 1 mL capacity keeps noses satiated for 7 days before a refill is needed. Data storage is 4GB, with a reading speed of 13 MB per second, and a writing speed of 10 MB per second. The featured flash drive comes in a mirror finished chrome alloy case.

Yanko Design also carries a data-less version of the Scent Drive, called the AromaUSB, and the Scent Drive corporation's own Website hosts an entire line of cool-looking, sweet-smelling USB designs (though, at publication, the site seemed to be having difficulties with its pricing and online purchasing functions).

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Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

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Electrical Storm Dual USB Power Adapter

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This is what my mama always told me would happen inside my body if I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. It actually looks pretty cool. If she hadn't also told me it would fry my brains like a skillet of bacon and...

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StormFly - PC for Your Wrist

A PC for your wrist. A Cloud bracelet. An unassuming, yet hi-tech piece of jewelry called StormFly. With a much bigger emphasis on the hi-tech than the jewelry part. The StormFly is a self-proclaimed Ludicrous Speed storage...

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Solaris Lockstone Fragrance Bracelets

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Scented Herb Temporary Tattoos

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Yes, ma'am I do have a tattoo of rosemary on my arm. Wanna smell it? ... No, wait! It's not scratch 'n' sniff, it's.... Yes ma'am, I now have a tattoo of chopped rosemary on my arm....

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SurfEasy - Internet Privacy to Go

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Remember the good old days when a computer screen was a shield of privacy, a veil of mystery, an incognito way to surf raunchy websites and cyberstalk first loves? Well, SurfEasy is your USB-shaped DeLorean to the times...

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Le Labo Santal 26 Fragrance Diffuser

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Le Labo says, "Sure, Thomas Edison gave us light, but he didn't include a nebulizer to transform our Santal 26 fragrance oil into a fine mist to spread both light and perfume into your home." Which is crazy because I...

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Crypteks USB Drive


Digital passwords, encryption software, purity rings, and LDS allegiance all claim to guard the goods, but they don't physically lock them. Said goods are still vulnerable to breaches, negligence, or too many shots of...

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SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

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Big performance in a tiny package. This USB 3.0 flash drive from SanDisk can write up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 drives. That means transferring things like full-length films is possible in less than 40 seconds...

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iStick USB-Lightning Flash Drive

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Apple loves their proprietary ports more than a back alley hooker loves crack. And while iStick can't put an end to this affinity, it can make it easier for those of us with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches to deal with....

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Steampunk USB Flash Drive

$215 from Etsy »

This is 8 GB of steam powered awesomeness. Made with brass, copper, glass and watch parts, the interior glows blue while plugged in. The scoop on the tail flashes red while transferring data....

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InfiniteUSB Cords

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Someone had their thinking connector plugged in when they came up with InfiniteUSB cords. Can you see how swell this is? Sacrifice one of your precious laptop ports to plug in a USB and look what you've done: created...