StormFly - PC for Your Wrist

By: on February 06, 2013

A PC for your wrist. A Cloud bracelet. An unassuming, yet hi-tech piece of jewelry called StormFly. With a much bigger emphasis on the hi-tech than the jewelry part. The StormFly is a self-proclaimed Ludicrous Speed storage device with an Open Source Operating System that's bootable in just about any PC or Mac. Unsnap the wristband, plug in the USB, reboot your hardware to run the StormFly's OS, and check it: all of your data and applications lie in suppliance beneath your fingertips from whatever 64bit computer you happen to find unattended at work, a friend's house, or in the Apple store. How's that for portability and universal access?

Other StormFly braggin' points:

  • Speeding-bullet-fast USB 3.0. Allows the StormFly both to run an Operating System (including 3D gaming, music, movies, etc.) and serve as a normal USB device.
  • Shared folder. When used as a traditional flash drive, StormFly appears as a "shared" folder upon insertion into a PC or Mac, enabling easy transfer of data between devices.
  • Security. In the form of industry-standard 128bit encryption. All hardware-wearing users will also need to enter a password during their StormFly booting process.
  • Backup and replacement service. If your StormFly gets lost or stolen, all information contained on it (less that in the shared folder) will wait patiently on an encrypted backup server until StormFly techs can shuttle it out and onto a new bracelet--usually within 24 hours. One year of backup service will initially cost around $19.99, and a replacement StormFly $49. Depending on product reception, manufacturer New Computing hopes those fees will lower over time.
  • Open Source. Fully, 100%. Though to keep the process realistic StormFly will likely begin with just a few Operating Systems, over time New Computing would like to see their PC used to run any and every OS on the planet.

StormFly runs as a Kickstarter project through March 3, 2013. For $59, backers will receive a mini OS in either orange or black. Higher funding levels come with customization options and anywhere from one year to a lifetime worth of backup service.

November 2013 Update: While Stormfly achieved its Kickstarter funding goal, they are not currently available for purchase. You can track the product, and its potential return, via the Stormfly Website below.

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