Solid Wood Keyboards

Posted: September 19, 2012
Solid Maple Keyboard

Using the word "slab" to describe something as elegant as these solid wood keyboards seems a little unflattering, but they are indeed QWERTY masterpieces carved from a single slab of either maple or walnut. Designer Oree takes pains to avoid the Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V combo so as to preserve their keyboards' wood grain continuity across the complete shell and keys. The resultant composition is clean, smooth, and striking in its minimalism.

The wooden keyboards are powered by a Bluetooth 3.0 chipset, which accommodates several months of continuous operation on a duo of AAA batteries. Each is made to order and polished, oil-rubbed, and assembled by hand. Buyers may select from maple or walnut woods, and US or UK QWERTY, plus Canadian English and French layouts. Keyboards are also custom cut to suit either Mac/iPads or Windows operating systems, and are available in 3 font choices.

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