SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive

By: on August 06, 2013
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Sharing in the 21st century pretty much means giving something to someone else without relinquishing it or making any sort of sacrifice yourself. I love the 21st century. And, by proxy, this poster child of the 21st century: SanDisk's Connect Wireless Flash Drive.

The portable flash drive facilitates wireless group storage and access of music, videos, photos, and documents across multiple devices. Remember that time the family got split and plunked 5 rows apart on the airplane and you had to choose which son got to watch Die Hard, and which was stuck with Dirty Dancing? With SanDisk's Connect, such decisions--decisions that will haunt you for the duration of your career as a parent--exist no more. Both sons can now revel in the ill-advised bravery of bloody-wifebeater-wearing Bruce Willis, provided they are within 150 feet of one another and have a WiFi-enabled device.

The drive provides up to 4 hours of continuous streaming on a single charge, and can connect up to 8 devices--smartphones, tablets, laptops, ereaders--simultaneously, as well as stream video to 3 devices at once. It requires no Internet connection, cables, or router, just a free app compatible with iOS 5.0 and up, Android 2.3 or later, and Kindles.

In addition to file sharing, SanDisk Connects also ease the pain of file transfer, allowing users to move data between all linked devices at once. It comes with storage capacity options of 16 or 32 GB.

Now. Back to this contemporary method of sharing. I would like to propose that someone out there please figure out a way for me to "share" my Beefy Crunch burritos and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Let me know what you come up with.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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ASUS RT-AC86U Ultrafast Gaming Router

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PirateBox DIY Anonymous Network

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CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall

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This CUJO won't attack you like Stephen King's rabid dog, but if the smart firewall does its job, it will point that aggression towards the malware, ransomware, viruses, and other a-hole hacker moves vying to steal and...

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AIRTAME - Wireless HDMI Dongle

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AIRTAME believes that "everyone should be able to show any content from any computer on any screen--wirelessly." Given that last time I tried to hook up my laptop to my friend Cornelius' TV to show him a slideshow from...

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Cryptex USB Flash Drive

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Spartan Radiation-Blocking Underwear

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Spartan Underwear heard the refrain every time some newfangled food or drug or piece of tech came out too: "Twenty years from now they'll probably find out it kills you." Or, in the case of the radiation given off by...

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Silent Pocket Privacy Protection Cases

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goTenna Off-Grid Signal Generator

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To keep it short, I guess you could say goTennas turn smartphones into really powerful walkie-talkies. Except more like walkie-texties. The self-contained signal generators require no cell towers, WiFi connectivity, or...

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Military Grade USB Drive

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A less expensive alternative to the Crypteks USB Drive, the Apricorn Aegis Secure Key Flash Drive boasts military grade full-disk AES 256-bit CBC hardware encryption, further protected by a 7- to 15-digit PIN-activated...

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ezOutlet - IP-Enabled Remote Reboot Switch

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Connect to to Pretty Fly for a WiFi. Connect. Connect! CONNECT!...

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T8X Robotic Spider

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