Reactive EL Wired Gaming Mouse

Posted: July 02, 2016
$65 - $99
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Game & rave, rave & game, dude. Like the electrical storm of a USB power adapter we saw a few weeks ago, the Reactor Gaming Mouse pairs the performance of contemporary tech with the eyeball allure of stuff that glows. Check out this GIF of it in action.

The Reactor uses an electroluminescent (EL) cable to illuminate both itself and its connected, cracked-pattern mouse in your choice of Titan Blue, Radioactive Green, or Inferno Red. The cable's visible current EL tech also makes it reactive, meaning its light flashes and sequences correspond to your actions during use. According to maker Pilot Electronics, "Each mouse input has a unique electroluminescent reaction."

The Reactor EL gaming mouse seeks Kickstarter crowdfunding through August 19, 2016. As with all crowdfunding projects, I would recommend those interested in backing the mouse do some research into Pilot Electronics, and read the project's Comments section prior to pledging. This campaign does have some curious / negative feedback from people who appear to have backed of another crowdfunding campaign the company ran. The Reactor Kickstarter page itself is also a little skimpy on product information, such as specs and production plan.

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