Nanoform Sapphire Eternal Storage Disk

By: on June 21, 2015
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Sapphire isn't just a name Fahrenheit 2451 gave their Nanoform storage disk because they thought it looked dreamy photographed against that shade of blue background. Rather, the Nanoform disk itself is made from 2 thin slices of synthetic sapphire. Why? Next to diamond, synthetic sapphire is the hardest material available to fabrication processes, and it maintains that perfect, unwavering, unmarred hardness forever. For-ev-er. Huh. And suddenly it becomes clear why they chose to make Viagra blue.

Nanoform resists all forms of degradation. Water, acid, light, cold, heat--actual lava levels of heat--and, in turn, time. The sapphire storage disk will preserve your photos and text documents, your most precious data and memories, for eternity. That's kind of a lot longer than the 30 years Fahrenheit 2451 points out CDs, USB keys, and hard drives are good for.

Currently up for backing on Kickstarter, Nanoform will be available in 2" and 4" disk sizes, the former holding up to 500 photos/text pages and the latter up to 2,500. Since the disks can be "burned" just once, Fahrenheit 2451 pitches them more as gifts and memory keepers. Use them to store wedding and baby photos, birth certificates, love letters, or family genealogy. To imprint Nanoforms, technicians reduce the surface size of intended contents by a factor of 30,000, but preserve their quality and definition. Text characters end up with a height of 10 microns, smaller than the thickness of human hair. To view a disk or retrieve the data, owners can: view it through a powerful magnifying glass or a digital microscope, the second of which will display the information on your computer; use a camera with a macro-lens to snap a photo and make the content readable; or place the disk in a high-resolution scanner.

Post-shrinkage, the Nanoform creation process entails engraving the data between a pair of thin sapphire wafers using high-precision photolithography technology, and then fusing the 2 pieces together, no glue involved, to make the disk unalterable and indestructible.

Pledge for your sapphire wafer wonders on Kickstarter through July 15, 2015.

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