Mycestro 3D Mouse Ring

By: on March 04, 2013
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Controlling objects through abracadabra gestures seems to be a hot trend right now. So can someone please make me a Mycestro 3D Mouse ring or MYO Armband that, in addition to manipulating my PC, will also abracadabra my dog's shit from the ground to the bag while I go all Houdini on it from a safe distance away? Nick Mastandrea, Mycestro godfather, how about it?

Mastandrea conceived his idea for a mouse worn on the index finger while flying with a passenger who struggled to cram his laptop on the tray table and use its traditional mouse in the limited space. With Mycestro, simple hand movements remotely deliver all of the same mouse commands as a grounded device. And here, there's no little ball to get gunked up and jammed, or touchpad to freak out when fingers get slightly sweaty, or greasy from doubling up on computing and bacon eating.

Mycestro tracks hand motion in 3D space. It's activated by the user's thumb--when not touching the ring, cursor and cursor functions pause--at which point a touch-sensitive panel initiates cursor movement, and mirrors its with the hand's. Releasing the touch panel, and then tapping it again on the left, middle, or right button section, makes selections.

Mycestro's range reaches up to 30 feet. It incorporates Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Protocol, so its compatibility extends to the iPad3, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch Gen5, Apple MacBook Air, Mac mini and MacBook Pro, plus any PC with a compatible BLE dongle. Android devices should be available by the end of the year.

Other Mycestro mouse characteristics of note:

  • The ring is about the size of a wireless earpiece.
  • It weighs next to nothing. So no worries about ending up with an abnormally ripped index finger over time.
  • Its internal battery can be charged via USB.
  • Estimated battery life is 8 hours, depending on usage.
  • The package includes 2 different-sized, replaceable clips.
  • It has been specially calibrated for online tickle sessions.

Mycestro's Kickstarter campaign runs through March 29, 2013, with anticipated production and delivery on deck for October 2013.

November 2013 Update: Mycestro far exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through the company's website--follow the link below.

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