Posted: March 10, 2018
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MouseRugs? The Dude approves. It's really gonna to tie my desktop together. The downside is I'll have to be on constant guard against all the rug pee-ers in my office who will think they've come up with the best idea for a prank. I'll probably have to roll up my MouseRug and take it with me everywhere I go.

But that's cool, I can use it with computer at home too. It's really gonna tie my Borderlands gaming nights together.

MouseRugs shrink down famous Persian, Native American / Southwest, Chinese, and Colonial rug motifs into mousepads that will add some style and funk to your computer system setup. Created by FiberLok, the "rugs" are actually made from a material called Lextra Flock-Textured Graphics, which the company describes as having a "soft, textile-like surface that is very pleasing to the touch."

The Lextra textile brings about 7 million individual physical contact points to each MouseRug surface, so FiberLok says not only will it work with most computer mice, but many of them will perform better gliding over these richly-patterned and finely-detailed surfaces. However, for some blah, blah, blah reasons, MouseRugs trips up mice that use DarkfieldTechnology, and also the Apple Magic Mouse, so you might want to forego the Deep Red Zapotec or Agra Kazak if you've got one of those.

MouseRugs measure 7.125" x 10.25" x 0.16".

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