Mad Max Wireless Router Truck

Posted: August 05, 2012
Thunderdome Truck Wireless Router
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Beyond Thunderdome lies WiFi. This Mad Max-inspired semi-truck, created by reclaimed parts maestro Ken Swallow, incorporates a functional Linksys wireless router and USB network adapter with bits and pieces of old VCRs, laptops and desktops, cell phones, copper tubing, non-working hard drives, memory sticks, and, oh yeah fresh sand directly from Swallow's Floridian backyard. The final touch of apocalyptic geekery and lure for the sticky fingers of Jedediah? Old circuit boards cut into hubcaps.

Max Rockatansky's connectivity device of choice is a Linksys G, model number WUSB11. Truck measurements are 12" long x 7" tall x 5" wide.

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