Keyboard Shortcut Skins

Posted: June 08, 2012
Keyboard Shortcut Skins

I like pretty colors as much as the next guy, but the effort and precision required to apply a keyboard skin hasn't really struck me as remotely worth it in any way up to this point. Photojojo, though, has found my soft spot. Photoshop. Their line of keyboard skins printed with popular software shortcuts might be the Triforce of Wisdom that helps bump my current D-quality Photoshop projects up to solid C's.

Keyboard skins are made in a range of colors and styles, plus laptop ($30) and desktop ($40) fits, for Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, After Effects and Logic Pro. All keys are color-coded and marked with their respective programs' shortcut functions. Check out Photojojo's listing for specific software versions and availability for UK keyboards. Standard keyboard fits include:

  • PowerBook
  • MacBook Pro (Previous Models)
  • MacBook Pro (Late 2008/unibody)
  • Macbook (Black and White)
  • Macbook (Silver, Late 2008/unibody)
  • Macbook Air 13"
  • Apple Thin Keyboard w/Numeric Keypad
  • Apple Thin Wireless/Wired Keyboard
  • Apple Classic Keyboard

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