DeLorean External Hard Drive

By: on May 21, 2013

In discussing the Back to the Future DeLorean external hard drive with my friend Bartholomew, he raised a couple of fair questions: 1) 750 GB for $385?! What, is that an October 26, 1985 storage capacity and technology price point? 2) If we wait for a couple years after this time machine's release, will the BTTFII DeLorean come out with 2015-era terabytes for $39.95?

Under other circumstances I would have retorted that fashioning a data storage device in this nontraditional way might hide its true nature, and therefore provide a further layer of protection to the sensitive information it holds, but...I concede that it's about 1,000 times more likely that someone would want to steal my 1:18 scale model Michael J DeLorean with moving hood and gull wing doors than they would my passwords, financial records, and music & porn collections anyway. So I guess the costs just cover...what? Shut up, Bartholomew! Everyone does not already know that I'm poor, have bad taste, and pass protect everything with "Mama"! Wha...are you kidding me?! Air Supply is fantastic! ... I just saw Hall & Oates, and FYI they still have the voices of angels! ... What? ... No. No, that, that's not mine. That's...someone else must have put that video of the tribal women and the iguanas on there....

Own an iconic piece of American cinematic history with a high-speed, USB 2.0 connectivity twist in either Red Wheel ($385) or Train Wheel (comes on track; $340). Still wavering? Well check it in the photo: this DeLorean is Lorraine Baines McFly approved. Wonder if it made the Back to the Future encyclopedia.

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The USB Kill 2.0 Computer Killer

$49.95 from USB Kill »

If you're using a USB Kill stick you're either pen-testing, trashing your old PC for recycling, or being very, very...very evil. Come on now, I know he cooks eggs in the staff room microwave, and eats beef & bean burritos...

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Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

$97.62 from Amazon »

Fat-fingered iPad and iPhone users rejoice! Celluon's EPIC Laser Virtual Keyboard, a 63-key QWERTY holograph, projects at full size onto any flat surface, lessening the tediousness of mobile texting and emailing, and...

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Electrical Storm Dual USB Power Adapter

$16.99 from Amazon »

This is what my mama always told me would happen inside my body if I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. It actually looks pretty cool. If she hadn't also told me it would fry my brains like a skillet of bacon and...

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Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone 6 Case

$50 from Bandai »

Like the Crazy Case Batmobile, Bandai's Back to the Future II DeLorean case for the iPhone 6 is forthcoming. And while it would be a grand and poetic gesture for the Japanese toy company to set their lit-up, pimped-out...

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StormFly - PC for Your Wrist

A PC for your wrist. A Cloud bracelet. An unassuming, yet hi-tech piece of jewelry called StormFly. With a much bigger emphasis on the hi-tech than the jewelry part. The StormFly is a self-proclaimed Ludicrous Speed storage...

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StarTech Hard Drive Eraser

$511.03 from Amazon »

StarTech's latest contribution to the world of data deletion is a hard drive eraser capable of wiping up to 4 SATA drives simultaneously. Like a previous generation StarTech "cleaner" we saw here, this eraser is a standalone...

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Levitating DeLorean

Sold Out from Amazon »

I used to pick up ladies by telling them I drove a DeLorean. It's how I met my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power. I went up to her at a party, ready to drop my pickup line, when she turned to me and said, Before you...

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SurfEasy - Internet Privacy to Go

$59.99 from SurfEasy »

Remember the good old days when a computer screen was a shield of privacy, a veil of mystery, an incognito way to surf raunchy websites and cyberstalk first loves? Well, SurfEasy is your USB-shaped DeLorean to the times...

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Crypteks USB Drive


Digital passwords, encryption software, purity rings, and LDS allegiance all claim to guard the goods, but they don't physically lock them. Said goods are still vulnerable to breaches, negligence, or too many shots of...

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SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

$48.90 from Amazon »

Big performance in a tiny package. This USB 3.0 flash drive from SanDisk can write up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 drives. That means transferring things like full-length films is possible in less than 40 seconds...

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iStick USB-Lightning Flash Drive

$79 - $299 from Kickstarter »

Apple loves their proprietary ports more than a back alley hooker loves crack. And while iStick can't put an end to this affinity, it can make it easier for those of us with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches to deal with....

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DeLorean Time Machine Rental

Time Machine Rental.com will neither confirm nor deny the functionality of their DeLorean's flux capacitor, but they do make mention of animated interior interfaces and buttons and switches that light up like a Christmas...