Cup Holder iPad Stand

By: on March 11, 2012

Cup holders have long held deserted island necessity status, and, within the last year, iPads have pretty much broken the Top 10 as well. So it's about time one of those people who sits around trying to think up good ideas all day finally found one, and has developed a way to bridge the cup holder with the iPad, thus creating the most perfectly symbiotic relationship of 2012. Stance is an iPad stand with a telescopic, rotating arm, whose flexible base fits into all the meaningful cup holders in your life. The ones in the car, at the gym, on the baby stroller, in the theater...anywhere you should probably be paying attention to what's in front of you, but would rather be checking email and posting stuff on Facebook.

Stance comprises a snap fit iPad case, telescoping arm, and cup-shaped base. It moves and locks in a wide range of angles, including portrait and landscape display modes. It is also collapsible and compact--the telescoping arm can be broken down and stored within the base. While in use, the base has room to store the iPad's power cord, plus a set of headphones.

Stance is currently in the market research phase on Quirky. Meaning that people like you who visit the site can review the product, and answer a few questions about it to determine whether or not it will go into production and, if it does, how much it will sell for. It's a way of returning power to the people...and an attempt to preclude the full-scale manufacture of a lemon.

Quirky is a site that enables pretty much any Tom, Dick, or Harry to bring his or her big idea to life. Provided it isn't completely unrealistic, a money pit, or generally retarded. Idea submissions cost $10, due, we're assuming, to the high percentage of proposals that are in fact retarded. The nominal fee probably curbs a modest quantity of BS, as well as funds the community that reads and provides thoughtful feedback on submissions. Look at it this way: it's maybe the cheapest product focus group ever. Find out more about Quirky's ethos and idea submission/review procedures here.

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007 Motorized License Plate Masks

$79 - $199.95 from TryDeal »

When and where you use your 007s to play 007 is up to you, but, yes, the motorized license plate masks hide your vehicle's digits at the press of a button and, no, it's probably not a good idea to activate them every...

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License Plate Frame Flipper

$155 from Amazon »

The License Plate Frame Flipper automatic mechanism that rotates your license plates at the press of a button. And why would you have 2 license plates you need to alternate between? Uh, because you're the next James Bond....

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Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

$87.28 from Amazon »

Fat-fingered iPad and iPhone users rejoice! Celluon's EPIC Laser Virtual Keyboard, a 63-key QWERTY holograph, projects at full size onto any flat surface, lessening the tediousness of mobile texting and emailing, and...

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The $6,800, 84 MPG Elio

$6,800 from Elio Motors »

Just to calm your immediate concerns, yes, the forthcoming Elio will be available in colors other than Ghostbusters Slimer. An American-made, China-priced 3-wheeler, Elio heralds itself as a next-generation personal transporter....

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ViperSwiper Side Window Wiper

$19.99 from ViperSwiper »

Your car comes ready to sssswipe the rain and fog off your front windshield, game to sssswipe it off the back, but what about the vissssibility and blind sssspots at your ssssides? ViperSwipers are poly-rubber strip side...

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End of Days Customs Survival Rides


You want it, you got it. End of Days Customs will bust a move to transform any ride you want into a survivalist's dream and motorized beast ready to Mad Max its way into a post-apocalyptic world. Or just take you van...

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LumiSign Custom LED License Plate Frame

$39.99 from Amazon »

Put your name - or your opinions - in lights. The LumiSign is an LED license plate frame that lights up for 3 seconds whenever you brake if you put it on the back of your car, or accelerate if you install it on the front....

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Lolo Lids Covert Beer Koozies

$9.48 - $11.49 from Amazon »

Drink your beer on the down Lolo with this lid of subterfuge. Disguised as a to-go coffee lid, the Lolo fits over a can of beer, which then slides into most any large paper coffee cup to form a covert koozie. Sneaky...

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The Batmobile Jr.

$65k from Epic Vehicles »

Motor trike. Until about 3 seconds ago that term seemingly would have referred to something incredibly lame, wouldn't it? Especially when used in tandem with descriptors such as "electric vehicle" and "eco-friendly"....

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Legacy Power Wagon

$120k - $170k from Legacy Power Wagon »

The Legacy Power Wagon. As the name suggests, it isn't new, but with only a handful crafted per year--by artisan auto mechanics at Legacy Classic Trucks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming--it remains one of the truck world's most...

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Do Your Park Magnets

$12 from Amazon »

We've seen the mostly innocuous You Suck at Parking business cards. And also the more permanent, and thereby more controversial, I Park Like an Idiot bumper stickers. Here we have a midpoint between the two: a-hole parking...

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Talelight Modifiable Digital Bumper Sticker

$129.85 from Amazon »

In America, there is no better way to share your love, hate, political leanings, religious beliefs, and philosophical musings than the rear end of your car. (Well, except Facebook.) Talelight makes bumper sticker expressionism...