Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

Posted: September 11, 2014
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Logitech says its K480 is a new type of keyboard (almost positive their pun was not intended) that crosses easily via Bluetooth across both devices and platforms. Use it with your computer at home or work, and then toss it in your bag to pair with a smartphone or tablet anywhere else. You can also transition between Windows, Mac, or Chrome computers and iOS and Android mobiles.

The K480 keyboard establishes an instant connection to any of up to 3 paired devices with its Easy-Switch dial. Once paired, keyboard use is standard, with a standard QWERTY layout and the most commonly used shortcut keys. Sizing is basically that of a laptop keyboard at 11.77" wide x 7.68" deep.

Logitech has also integrated a cradle at the top of the keyboard to hold phones and tablets up to 0.4" thick and 10" wide at an angle compatible with screen viewing and typing.

System requirements are as follows: for PCs, Windows 7, 8, or later; Mac OS X or later; Chrome OS; iPhone/Pad iOS 5 or later; Android 3.2 or later.

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