8-Bit Flash Drive Keychains

By: on September 14, 2014
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Hand-carved with classic 8-bit game controllers, and personalized with a name...or your record Tetris score...by request, these 4GB USB flash drives will keep nostalgia close to your heart, and your keys close at hand. The keychains are all made in Texas from eco-friendly bamboo, a resource that looks just as cool Mario with Fire Power but is infinitely more sustainable.

Etsy vendor mini-Fab will engrave the 8-bit Nintendo, SNES, and Game Boy flash drives per buyers' requests for no additional fee.

8-Bit Flash Drive Keychains are a top Dude Gift for a Geek pick.

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Cryptex USB Flash Drive

$54.99 from Amazon »

If Justin Nevins' Cryptex Security Boxes are out of your justifiable price range, Stanislav Tatarinov has another take on the Cryptex theme that might appeal to both your aesthetic and fiscal sensibilities: a Cryptex...

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Pixel Panties

$27.50 from Pixel Panties »

When I saw these Pixel Panties I felt like I walked into a Super Mario Bros. mushroom. Drrring Drrring DRRRRRRING! From little Mario to big Mario in 1 second flat. In addition, the 8-bit underwear's Portuguese designers...

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Military Grade USB Drive

$125 - $179 from Amazon »

A less expensive alternative to the Crypteks USB Drive, the Apricorn Aegis Secure Key Flash Drive boasts military grade full-disk AES 256-bit CBC hardware encryption, further protected by a 7- to 15-digit PIN-activated...

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Round Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Sold Out from Amazon »

Slice the cylinder and make it a circle. Stanislav Tatarinov previously created this sweet Cryptex USB flash drive, a functional puzzle with rotating Cryptex rings and numbers whose user-set code slides out a 16GB memory...

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SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

$48.90 from Amazon »

Big performance in a tiny package. This USB 3.0 flash drive from SanDisk can write up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 drives. That means transferring things like full-length films is possible in less than 40 seconds...

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Steampunk USB Flash Drive

$215 from Etsy »

This is 8 GB of steam powered awesomeness. Made with brass, copper, glass and watch parts, the interior glows blue while plugged in. The scoop on the tail flashes red while transferring data....

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USB-Powered Pac-Man Ghost Light

$44.28 from Amazon »

A Pac-Man Ghost wouldn't be my first choice for a night light. Isn't the whole point of a night light to ward off ghosts? Make you less afraid of them? Not to mention that Pac-Man Ghosts in particular have a decades-long...

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16GB Steampunk USB Flash Drive

$220 from Etsy »

The Admiral is the latest and greatest in a long line of Steampunk USB drives from Will Rockwell. With a case of polished ziracote wood, brass tubing, a tiny boiler, and detailed gauge, The Admiral presents the essence...

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SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive

$49.99 - $59.99 from Amazon »

Sharing in the 21st century pretty much means giving something to someone else without relinquishing it or making any sort of sacrifice yourself. I love the 21st century. And, by proxy, this poster child of the 21st century:...

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Jason Voorhees USB Flash Drive

Sold Out from Etsy »

Your data is important. If all of those naughty videos someone fall into the wrong hands, your dreams and aspirations could quickly turn into nightmares. What better way to protect them than with the hockey mask wearing...

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Space Invaders Chess Set


Following its 1978 release in Japan, Space Invaders prompted a shortage of 100-yen coins. I learned that at a pub trivia night. Pub trivia is maybe the only thing in the world I suck at as much as team sports and lighting...

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R2D2 Flash Drive Cuff Links

$174.95 from Amazon »

I guess because they're made of silver-plated enamel. Oh, and officially licensed by the Grand Poobahs of greed, Lucasfilm. That's the answer to your Why are R2D2 USB flash drive cuff links so effin' expensive?! question....