Instaprint Photo Booth

By: on March 11, 2012
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Instaprint is a location-based photo booth for printing hard copies of Instagrams. Combining the nostalgic spirit of Polaroids, with the 21st century technology of social media, Instaprint uses a microbial workforce and inkless paper to develop and pop out any Instagram photos snapped and labeled with the box's specified location or hashtag. For example, if you were to install an Instaprint at your Zombieland theme party, and designate the box with a #zombie hashtag, any guests taking photos and labeling them #zombie would have their shots queued up, and Instaprinted for posterity moments later. It's a photo booth that both fits in the palm of your hand, and doesn't require you and 4 of your broad-shouldered friends to wedge into a 1 x 2 space draped with an orange-barf-colored curtain to create scrapbook-ready memories of the perpetual high five that is your life!

Instaprint was invented in the spring of 2011 by a small company called BREAKFAST. They have been testing prototypes over the past year at events including store openings, product launches, the Grammy awards, and Lady Gaga concerts with great success. In fact, Instaprint is currently available for rental, but the transition from commercial to consumer product is one that requires more BREAKFAST staff, research, and dollars. The endeavor is undergoing a run on Kickstarter through April 29, 2012, with the goal of raising $500,000 in investment pledges. As of today, they are a little over a quarter of the way there. Investment levels range from $5 to $5,000, with a $399 commitment garnering an Instaprint home kit, with controller, coiled power cable, power supply, and 20 sheets of inkless paper.

2013 Update: Instaprint crowdfunding attempts were unsuccessful, but device rental is still available for $5,000 to $7,500 per day via the Instaprint Website below.

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Prynt Pocket - Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

$149.99 from Amazon »

Prynt Pocket gives your iPhone the power of Polaroid, plus a little bit more, with options to print directly from Instagram, add finishing and augmented reality flourishes to your photos, and make snapshot hard copies...

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Mesmerizing Animated GIF Portrait

I don't know how they did this or where you can have one of your own done, but it's pretty darn sweet. Something about it makes me want to stare at it longer than I should. I'm obsessed with its awesomeness. Is it just...

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Nixie Flying Wearable Camera

By: Nixie »

The Nixie may be a ways from reality--and your wrist--but its live demo debut at CES 2016 proves it's a lot more than a few mockup drawings and some dude's dream (or, in this case, a dude and a dudette). The wearable...

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Beastgrip Smartphone Camera Rig

$130.21 from Amazon »

If the grip is as beastly as the look of this smartphone camera rig, I think we've got a chicken dinner on the table tonight. The Beastgrip Pro is a universal lens adapter and rig system for your phone intended to give...

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Podo Stick & Shoot Camera

Sold Out from Amazon »

Folders, multi-tools, and titanium toothpicks as EDC? Nah, the Podo Stick & Shoot Camera will get more daily use than all of those combined. Taking selfies, filming cat videos, and recording the shenanigans of airline...

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Birdie GoPro Camera Launcher

$49 from Amazon »

I hope you got good aim because Birdie is about to take your selfies from point-and-shoot to toss-and-see-WTF-happens. Snap your GoPro HERO 3+, 4, or 5 inside its arcing white cage and launch the Birdie into the air to...

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Personalized Custom Coloring Books

$32.50 - $145.99 from Colored Moments »

If you're crafty, you can probably make a personalized custom coloring book of your wedding, your trip to Italy, or your best Instagrammed food photos all by yourself with a few flicks of some Photoshop filters and some...

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Beoncam Removable 360 Wrist Camera

$99 - $149 from indiegogo »

Hey kids, watch the camera. And then un-watch it when you want to take a shot or record a vid with Beoncam's 360 panoramic / 190 hemispheric camera, a wearable that snaps in and out of its wrist strap, and is no bigger...

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CV Dazzle - Computer Vision Camouflage

FREE from CV Dazzle »

A complex, but increasingly important concept, computer vision (CV) is the collection of algorithms that devices ranging from security cameras to Facebook's PhotoTagger use to automatically detect and recognize human...

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Ancient Greek Star Wars Prints

$70 - $490 from Travis Durden »

Travis Durden is the dude behind these glorious mashups, ancient Greek sculptures-turned-prints of our favorite Star Wars characters. A mashup himself, the French "Durden" is actually no Durden at all. He keeps his real...

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Kodak Photo Printer Dock

$139.99 from Amazon »

Uh, a printed 4 x 6 selfie on the fridge where only me and my 3 friends who come over will be able to see it, rather than a digital selfie posted to Instagram where all 976 of my "friends"--plus maybe millions of other...

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Cybertecture Mirror

The Cybertecture Mirror allows us to gaze simultaneously upon the two things we like gazing upon best: the Internet and ourselves. A glass reflection of both beatific mugs, and streaming Web content, the futuristic mirror...