Zach's Sprayable Wing Sauce

By: on May 27, 2017

I had the best grilled chicken wings I ever ate on Super Bowl Sunday in Charleston, SC this year. Then the next day I got grilled chicken wings at a different spot and they became the best chicken wings I ever ate. Charleston has some damn fine grilled chicken wings. Which I have thus far been unsuccessful in replicating*, but as one who never gives up trying when his stomach is involved, I am curious about using these sprayable wing sauces from a St. Louis dude named Zach in my next wing grilling attempt.

Zach says he crafts his wing sauces with the same attention and precision brewmasters put into crafting their beers. To put a cherry on the point, he uses beer bottles as the vehicle for his mists of flavor. He came up with the spray method as a way to save time, effort, and, most importantly, the sauce itself during wing preparation. Cleanup is reduced too when you don't have to mop through a pool of goo in a bowl to coat your wings, and every square inch of your grill grate, while cooking.

Zach's Wing Sauce will appeal to the health conscious out there who prefer grilling their wings to deep frying. In addition to eliminating the vat of oil, grilled wings with sprayable sauce will contain no fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. In his Sweet Heat, Sriracha Lime, Better Buffalo, Chocolate Chipotle, and Mesquite Heat flavors, Zach includes only recognizable ingredients, and each sauce is vegetarian and dairy- and gluten-free.

*One of the restaurants did share that they put their wings in a sous-vide machine before grilling them.

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SOUP3RB Cook + Blend Blender

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