X-Mode Energy Shots on Tap

Posted: March 05, 2015
X-Mode Energy Shots on Tap
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Uh oh. As if kegs of beer and boxes of wine aren't dangerous enough in my hands. I don't want children, but I have a feeling if I spent an hour in a room with X-Mode and its 100 ounces of energy shots on tap I'd walk out with babies. So many babies! FOUR HUNDRED BABIES!!!

The X-Mode energy shot system includes a boxed dispenser and two refillable Mode-2-Go bottles. The bottles are marked with 1-ounce and 2-ounce lines for responsible raw energy consumption and to remind you that under no circumstances, none, not even if you used to work at the soft-serve ice cream store, are you to drink X-Mode straight from the tap. Why? Mainly because a single shot takes effect 100 times faster than coffee, and since it's so quick and easy to use, it's even quicker and easier to overuse. Granted, we all want to kick Mother Nature in the face with our energy legs and run faster than Kenyans, but it's probably best not to trigger heart palpitations and a medical emergency while we're at it.

X-Mode also boasts a buy-in-bulk discount. One hundred ounces at $30 equates to 30 cents per serving for 150 mg of caffeine. Definitely cheaper than a quad salted caramel mocha. With approximately 1% of the calories too. This enerjuice has just 5 per ounce. Once ingested, X-Mode is said to last more than 5 hours. Recommended "dosage" is 1 ounce every two hours, though "experienced users" can opt to take 2 ounces at once.

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