Worm Tequila Salt

Posted: September 17, 2012
Worm Tequila Salt

This salt is not suitable for vegetarians. Because it contains worrrrrmsss. Real (used to be) live worms. Sal de Gusano, or Worm Salt sees your claims of authenticity in margarita and tequila shooting endeavors, and raises you a fat wad of ground up agave worms. In addition to the squiggly invertebrates and rock salt, Worm Salt also has a dousing of chili to elevate its intensity and add a mouth-filling smoky flavor. Dressing up more than just liquor, a sprinkling of Sal de Gusano endeavors to make salsas, salads, and seasonings all fare a little better on the palate.

Obviously, it would also be a fun exercise to give Worm Salt to squeamish people without telling them what's in it until after they've ingested a full Gusano's worth.

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