The World's Strongest Coffee

By: on July 27, 2012
Death Wish - The World's Strongest Coffee

Great. Something to make the guy in the cube next to me even more hyperactive and annoying. I wonder how fast he'll be able to recite all the state capitols after chugging 32 ounces of the world's strongest coffee. Death Wish was created for...no apparent reason other than to push the boundaries of insanity. At approximately 200% more caffeinated than typical coffee shop roasts, these beans are dark, dirty, and not for the weak. Apparently in a limited edition run, the makers of the organic, Fair-Trade brew encourage you to get your Death Wish while it lasts. And if you're not jittery, sporting a resting heart rate of 155, and this close to getting punched in the face by those around you after a pound of it, Death Wish promises to give your money back.

No love for coffee? How about a shot of Original Thai Red Bull?

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