The Bacon Jams

Posted: December 10, 2014
The Bacon Jams

Bacon jam is kind of like peanut butter: intended as a spread or topping, but inevitably eaten by the spoonful standing at the kitchen counter. Preserved pork advocates The Bacon Jams are happy to oblige either method of consumption with their multi-flavored jars of the delectable meat crack.

Original, Black Pepper, Red Chile & Garlic, plus special editions Chocolate Cherry, Black Pepper Pineapple, and Maple Habanero are jams for the bacon fiend and bacon dabbler alike. Having personally enjoyed a large quantity of it on my burger...and fries...and bedtime Doritos snack...last night, I can attest to the jam's universal appeal to anyone who's down with pork. (And when all you vegetarians come around to the dark side, you'll love it too.)

The Bacon Jams' Original flavor has the basic and au naturel ingredients of cooked bacon, dark brown sugar, onions, apple cider vinegar, evaporate cane juice, pectin, and garlic powder. Jars are shelf stable prior to opening, but should be refrigerated thereafter.

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