Sugar Cube Skulls

Posted: February 05, 2012
Sugar Cube  Skulls

Behold The Biggest Loser's latest ploy to equate sugar with poison. Big fat fatties of the world, you must face your saccharine skeletons in the closet, your demonic empty calories, and defy them in favor of healthier, whole food snack choices, such as fruits, lean protein, and thin slices of cardboard sprinkled with cinnamon for a satiating burst of flavor. Keeping a pack of Sugar Cube Skulls on hand at all times will remind you what you're up against, and what you're going to keep fighting for. They'll also make you the hit of the next Absinthe tasting or pirate theme party.

Cubes are hand molded in small batches from 100% cane sugar. Each skull is 1/2" x 1", and they're packaged four to a bag. Purchase price is for six bags. Keep one for yourself, and give the other five as cute "Thinking of You" gifts to your favorite maxillofacial surgeons and Hell's Angels.

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