Spreadable Beer

Posted: May 25, 2014
Spreadable Beer

Mmmm, nothing cures a hangover like more carbs and alcohol. Though Birra Spalmabile, or Spreadable Beer, contains no actual alcohol, it does contain 40% beer--Atla Quota Greta, to be precise. Sounds Italian. And while the Italians aren't exactly known for their tasty brews, they are known for their tasty just about everything else I can put in my mouth, so I'm willing to give a round of beer-slathered toast a go.

Spreadable Beer is recommended for pairing with cheeses and hors d'oeuvres, burgers and dogs, and jars of pickle juice and dares. Its texture is described as sticky but smooth, and its scent hoppy. Ugh, I just hope it doesn't taste like Vegemite. For those unfamiliar with this heinous substance, let's just say that if they served Spreadable Beer in hell, I guarantee you it would taste like Vegemite.

Additional Birra Spalmabile ingredients include sugar, glucose syrup dried powder, vegetable fiber, maltodextrin, and thickeners.

Spreadable Beer is a top Dude Gift for Dad pick.

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