LED Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Posted: August 25, 2012
LED Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

I don't like the accusatory look on Princess Leia's face as she stands there, one hand on her hip, thrusting a Darth Vader LED-lit Lightsaber ice pop towards me and seemingly saying, "I thought it would be bigger." But the ice pop itself, which freezes into fighting form by adding any juice (or tasty mixed with juice; or tasty rum mixed with Coke; or tasty Bailey's mixed with coffee) to the two Luke and two Vader molds, looks pretty mother f'in delicious.

Around four hours in the freezer transforms states of matter from liquid to solid, during which time Lightsaber-eating hopefuls can meditate, eat some Chinese takeout with their Lightsaber Chopsticks, and call upon the Force to protect them from vicious drips and brain freezes during the forthcoming ice pop mowing session. Once frozen, a quick douse of the mold exterior in warm water will loosen the galactic phenomena from their sheaths, and a simple press of the hilt buttons will alight them in brilliant red and green for a sucking experience enhanced to the power of infinity.

Each Lightsaber ice pop hilt requires 2 AAA batteries, which are not included. Filled and frozen, the lightsabers measure 11" long. Wait, 11" long? WTF with the condemning face, Princess Leia? 11" is huge!

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