Know Brainer - The Thinker's Coffee Creamer

Posted: January 19, 2017
Know Brainer - The Thinker's Coffee Creamer
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Know Brainer hops on the food trend train--you know, paleo locomotive pulling ketogenic, intermittent fasting, Whole 30, and gluten-free boxcars--to bring us this "thinker's" coffee creamer. The individual, portion-controlled pouches contain a blend of clarified butter made from grass-fed cows and MCT oil (from coconuts). No added sugar. You're supposed to dump a pouch in your morning coffee instead of the typical fixin's to experience various glorious mental and physical awakenings. These, according to Know Brainer, include:

  • Mental Clarity. Courtesy of the butyrate content of MCT oil and butter, which some say reduces inflammation in the brain and clears the mind.
  • "Weight Wellness." A phrase obviously crafted to avoid politically / paleo incorrect buzzwords, as well as hedge on calling Know Brainer a diet food that will make you skinny even if you just add it to your current meal plan of gorging on pork belly and poutine. I'd bet all my pork belly and poutine money it won't. But if you already live a relatively healthy lifestyle, the dream creamer says its brimming Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid will light your metabolic fire, keep you full for longer, and curb cravings.
  • Ease of Use. The pre-packed pouches eliminate measuring spoons, blenders, bottles, and cleanup.

Know Brainer sells in packs of 9 and comes in Original, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut, as well as some some lactose-free variations on those flavors.

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