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By: on March 07, 2012
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Suck it, chocolate bunnies! This Easter all the cool kiddies want chocolate craniums cast from real human skulls! OK, so how many comments of outrage am I going to get when I point out that partaking in a piece of dark chocolate skull is probably a far more authentic, tasty, and antioxident-rich way to simulate ingesting the body of Christ at Easter Mass than munching on carbo-loaded, gluten-laden white crackers?

Human Skull Chocolates are all hand-cast and finished in creator Marina Malvada's private studio, a process that takes about 3 weeks from date of order. Delectable flavors include a creamy mix of Belgian white and milk chocolate, termed Bone Chocolate, decadent Dark Chocolate, and exotic, intense Semisweet Chocolate. All skulls come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Malvada's foray into the anatomical world of chocolate began when she borrowed a human skull to create a plaster cast mold. As she was purchasing her supplies to proceed, she noticed that food grade materials were available, and thought immediately of chocolate skulls. See, the rest of us would have thought of Jell-O skulls. Probably mixed with vodka. And that's what makes her the artiste, and us the adoring, plebeian fans.

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Thorns In - The Glove You Can't Take Off

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Thorns In meaning #1: Ten thousand mic-rose thorns lining the inside of this shark skin glove. Thorns In meaning #2: Ten thousand mic-rose thorns gouging fish-hook style into the hand of its wearer, such that pulling...

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Skull Ice Molds

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I've seen skull ice molds before, but never a set that makes a 3D dead man looking downright dapper in a top hat and monocle. His buddy the pirate has a certain charm too. And all 3 of the silicone molds show a remarkable...

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Skull Gas Fireplace Logs

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Time to surprise my girlfriend with a romantic night by the fire. And a romantic fire filled with human skull fireplace logs. Who knew bone made such fine kindling?...

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Edible Anus Chocolates

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Several years ago, Willy Wonka sat down with the UK's most distinguished chocolatiers to lay down the next big release in artisan chocolate. He tried many of their stunning and revolutionary manipulations of the finest...

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Bar Bones Skull Drink Markers

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Enough with the drink charms shaped like hearts and kitty cats. I need a sinister skull to mind my glass of rose bubbles. Uh, I mean, whiskey. Neat....

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Codex Seraphinianus: World's Strangest Book

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First published in 1981, the radically strange and unparalleled Codex Seraphinianus took Italian architect, illustrator, and industrial designer Luigi Serafini 2-1/2 years to complete. What is it? Aside from floating...

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Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

$79.99 from Amazon »

Skull "cakelets." Spooky, sinister, and...adorable. Bring on the devil's food, 'cause you're haunting me with your cuteness, little skulls....

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Sh*t Gold Pills

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It may still stink, but ingest a couple of these 24K capsules, and your shit will look as handsome as a pile of gold. Tobias Wong and J.A.R.K. (Ju$t Another Rich Kid) created the Gold Pills as part of their INDULGENCE...

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Day Of The Dead Lace Skull Lamp

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The lacy-looking Day Of The Dead Skull Lamp follows in the footsteps of Porcelain Skulls and lace skull & crossbones pants. Sure, the table light isn't as intriguing as the former, or as sexy (so sexy!) as the latter...

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Chocolate Candy Bar Maker

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Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, hide yo' husband! No one's getting their hands on the Chocolate Candy Bar Maker but me! Chocolate's loyal, and gluttonous, and selfish little whore slave. No, redact that redaction. Whore!...

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Skull Armchair

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Another supervillain yahtzee! This black skull armchair was the one prop missing from my master plan to raise an army of babies and eliminate all cats and bike lanes from my township! The only downside is that it does...

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20-Pound Chocolate Lionel Richie Head

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I didn't think there could be anything better than having a hot chick sculpt an enormous model of my head out of clay, but...Hello! Chocolate beats mud any day. Lionel Richie. You lucky bastard....