Habanero Honey Badger BBQ Sauce

By: on August 02, 2012

This ain't no Pooh Bear honey. Fortified with freshly chopped habanero peppers, the meaty smoke of a hot grill, and a subtle dose of bee nectar, Honey Badger BBQ Sauce will grab you by the nuts, make you lick the sun, and then lure you back with a kiss just sweet enough to leave you begging to do it all again. Taste buds, prepare to be seduced into masochistic submission.

Let's talk about the honey badger. It's a paradoxically innocuous name for a furry two-toned body and snarling mug that pursues the likes of lions and monitor lizards three times its size. Even more fantastical, the honey badger's favorite prey goes by the name of King F'ing Cobra. One of the most venomous snakes in the world. I don't think I'd even touch the molted skin of one of these things. But undaunted, the honey badger fearlessly pursues and pounces on them like a fat chick who gets a whiff of funnel cakes at a carnival. Of course, if the badger gets bitten he, unlike any other mammal, has the power to flush the poison from his system with a little nap before digging in to his feast. Pretty badass, huh?

"Badass" was the same feedback Honey Badger BBQ Sauce creators Paul, Chris, and Leigh were getting about their mouth-blowing condiment, a tangy BBQ sauce with teeth shaped like four habaneros per bottle, and a soul forged from a cunning blend of spices and honey that took six months to perfect. The honey badger became their icon, and Cobra Strength became their heat indicator.

The guys describe Honey Badger BBQ sauce as "not too sweet like most sickly sauces out there" and say that the heat of the habanero enjoys a slow build that "will cause the uninitiated to raise their brows, exhale through pursed lips, and exclaim 'Wow that's hot, but I like it.'" The bottle sports a honey badger entangled in combat with a king cobra, with sauce options including standard Cobra Strength, Triple Cobra Strength, and a special edition Golden Badger bottle of Triple Cobra Strength for BBQ sauce club members.

The Honey Badger BBQ sauce project ran on Kickstarter through August 31, 2012, with successful funding achieved. Now available for purchase, a single, 16-ounce bottle of Cobra Strength sauce runs $10, with bundles including various sauce strengths and T-shirts working up to $250. For example, if you would like to amp up to Triple Cobra Strength, complete with a fancy metallic label and its own ID number etched onto it, a bottle runs $60. This is because the guys produce only one batch of the triple gut-kicker a year. For BBQ fiends with deep pockets, $3,000 will earn you membership into the Golden Badger Club, which includes a 24-carat gold plated honey badger bottle filled with Triple Cobra Strength sauce. Only 5 of these will be made each year. The special edition bottle will ship with 10 sauce refills for the year, plus 10 more each subsequent year in conjunction with annual releases.

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